Lars Larson: The Threat of Nuclear Weapons

So what are we doing to counter the threat of nuclear weapons from other countries? If they don’t have them yet, they will soon.

There’s a brand new report that came out that didn’t get very much attention. It says that North Korea is expected to deploy a nuclear-tipped missile, capable of reaching parts of the United States within a decade.

Now, suppose they are right or suppose they are off by even a year or two. That means that North Korea is going to be able to shoot a nuclear weapon at our country. They don’t even have to hit us. They could just explode above the atmosphere and the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) would shut down most of the electronics that run our modern society.

That report from the Pentagon made public last week also says missile threats are out there from Syria, Russia, and of course, from Iran.

It also says there are plans in America to try to counter those. The problem is I think we have a President right now who is not too crazy about countering missile threats. He’d rather see if he could sit down and talk the bad guys out of using those missiles.

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