Lars Larson: The Threat of Nuclear Weapons

So what are we doing to counter the threat of nuclear weapons from other countries? If they don’t have them yet, they will soon.

There’s a brand new report that came out that didn’t get very much attention. It says that North Korea is expected to deploy a nuclear-tipped missile, capable of reaching parts of the United States within a decade.

Now, suppose they are right or suppose they are off by even a year or two. That means that North Korea is going to be able to shoot a nuclear weapon at our country. They don’t even have to hit us. They could just explode above the atmosphere and the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) would shut down most of the electronics that run our modern society.

That report from the Pentagon made public last week also says missile threats are out there from Syria, Russia, and of course, from Iran.

It also says there are plans in America to try to counter those. The problem is I think we have a President right now who is not too crazy about countering missile threats. He’d rather see if he could sit down and talk the bad guys out of using those missiles.

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  • Pat Ryan

    Of course when the day comes that you can’t access the fear button at the base of your listener’s skulls, that will be the day that you will disappear from the airwaves.

    The US Navy has been delivering anti-missle batteries to the gulf states for the past two weeks.

    Also kinda hard to maintain the “Dems are wimps” meme when the hated Obama has killed out way more “Terris” in AfPak with drones than Bush ever did.

    But hey. Stay Muscular Dude.

  • Oregonian

    Lars obviously has no foreign policy or military experience or expertise.

    Lars, we’ve countered missile threats. All of them. We’re not in danger of anyone launching a missile at the U.S. that has any chance of killing anyone.

    What we are in danger of is someone parking a truck on the Las Vegas strip with a nuclear bomb in the bed, leaving it there and walking away.

    The kinds of terrorist threats we’re looking at in today’s world are homegrown. They’re from first- and second-generation immigrants born here, raised in our schools and living among us. We need to have a comprehensive domestic security program, not arbitrary missile shields and safe-sounding defense policies.

    Stop talking and start reading, Lars. Your foreign and defense policy dates to the Reagan era.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    >Lars obviously has no foreign policy or military experience or expertise.

    And you are saying that you have more of this expertise than the pentagon report?

    Its the report that said NK et al will have nuclear missiles capable of reaching us within a decade, not Lars. If you know more than the pentagon about this sort of thing that’s that’s great. Can we have a little background please?

    • valley p

      “Its the report that said NK et al will have nuclear missiles capable of reaching us within a decade, not Lars.”

      So based on that we are supposed be quivering in our collective boots? Our 20,000 or so nuclear warheads are an insufficient deterrent to other nations sending a missile our way?

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