Lars Larson: Let’s Build Nukes

The President talks a good game about nuclear power, so let’s get busy. Let’s build some nuclear power plants. What’s holding us up?

There were a lot of things in the President’s State of the Union message that I didn’t like, but one of them I did like was when he said “let’s build some nuclear power”.

Now every time he uses that term “clean and safe nuclear power” it sounds to me he’s trying to figure a way out of building those plants. Why don’t we get busy?

Do you know there are already designs that have been perfected in this country that are far safer than anything that was built 30 or 40 years ago. There are plants right now, in fact two of them designed in my own back yard, that are being built in China. They are going to be done in about four years. Yet our best estimate for doing the same thing here is going to take us eight year.

Now there is something wrong with the picture that has the Commies building plants designed in the United States and getting done twice as fast as American capitalism can do it. I have the feeling the reason is government.

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