Kitzhaber ghost returns with 16% business tax hike

dog-logo-stampHouse bill 2398: Kitzhaber ghost returns with 16% business tax
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The ghost of Kitzhaber has returned to the Oregon State Capitol with a bill he is chief sponsor of which would increase the cost of doing business in Oregon. House Bill 2398 increases rate of the corporate excise tax by 16%. House Bill 2398 is up for a hearing on Tuesday in the House Revenue Committee.

Kitzhaber’s taxes are a thing of Oregon legend as the ex-Governor once confessed “That he had more tax increases, proposals I ought to say, than any other governor in Oregon”.

It increases the current corporate excise tax rate of 6% to 7% for the first $1 million of taxable income. It raises the corporate excise tax rate from 7% to 8% for income above $1 million. If passed, the bill takes effect immediately for income of this year beginning January 1, 2015. This corporate excise tax increase only confirms that the 2015 Session is becoming one of the most hostile to business in Oregon modern history. You have the 2015 Legislature proposing adding costs to businesses with the $15 minimum wage, 7-day paid sick leave and now a 16% increase in business taxes.

Read more on House Bill 2398 at the State Legislature’s website here.

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  • Eric Blair

    You need to change the headline — to “… 16% increase in business taxes.” Otherwise, you’re saying the business tax is 16%, which it is not.

  • Jack Lord God

    The only thing more regular than yet another proposal to increase business taxes in OR, is the clockwork bewilderment as to why our economy is so notoriously poor.

  • thevillageidiot

    and guess who pays the tax increase and increase in the minimum wage? All you dumb people who are convinced that the evil corporations are not paying their fair share. well hello, all of you are paying the tax increase and wage increase through increased cost of goods you purchase. now tell me one more time, who is paying the corporate taxes??

  • thevillageidiot

    and if you think the evil rich don’t pay enough tax then try this. the top 20% of taxpayers pay 80% (approx) of the income tax. 80% of taxpayers pay 20% of the income tax. of that 80% of taxpayers half pay no tax at all. and this state wants to add to the tax payers burden by increasing prices of goods sold in oregon to pay the corporate taxes. Oregon may not be the highest taxed state in the union but the current legislature is trying to rectify the situation. apparently being low on the totem pole in unsatisfactory. or may be they have some stupid impression that the people of oregon need to pay more.

    • Jack Lord God

      The one thing that’s a sure thing, is a liberal will never admit maybe they had a bad idea or made a mistake. Childish really.

      • Eric Blair

        LOL. Are you a liberal?

        • guest

          Spook ewe: Dem ram income Allah glorious lavatory introspection!

    • HBguy

      I think you mean that those lower earners pay no federal income tax at all.
      All wage earners pay payroll taxes, and probably some local taxes and property tax. And the Oregon income tax reaches much lower than the federal income tax. My daughter made a couple thousand dollars over the summer and paid oregon income tax.
      Studies show that lower earners in oregon are paying a higher percentage of their income in taxes than the wealthier.

    • concertgebouw

      The fact is that most jobs since the Second Great Depression have been low wage, no benefits, and part – time. The US has enjoyed, since about the late 1970s, a most unequal wealth distribution as measured against the 34 – member OECD countries. That is “the” reason why the .1 – 5 percenters pay more in federal income taxes. Also, check the fact that about 102 million Americans 16 – 65 are unemployed, another fact that reinforces the USA is now has a Third World economy. Plus check out the John Williams Shadow Government website where you’ll find the genuine rate of unemployment is 23%, not 5.5%. Bill Clinton in 1994 made the long – term unemployed disappear. You only read the U3 in the media. Even the govt’s BLS U6 is highly suspect, and that is the most accurate measure for the gov’t that lies every time it opens its mouth.

      • Myke

        The U3 is a pointless stat. I quit using it as a measure a long time ago. Yes, the U6 is suspect, based on who issues the report, but its still the closest indicator available. Surprisingly, Oregon is rated as the 5th hottest economy in the nation, based on our manufacturing sector. If that doesn’t signal we’re where’re heading than nothing does.

  • Bob Clark

    Wonder how this works relative to Kitzhaber’s grand bargain with Nike and Intel to provide them with tax certainty, barring new taxes on them for supposed net investment increases in Oregon? Other businesses kind of now suffering the consequences of the big money, business folks having tried buying off Kitzhaber with campaign donations in last year’s gubernatorial election. Kind of hard to feel sorry for the big money folks who neglected Dennis Richardson, in favoring of buying off Kitzhaber.

    Unfortunately, the result of these folks supporting Kitzhaber’s crony capitalism is now going to be borne by small businesses (regulation over drive) and just every day working folk.

    • Eric Blair

      You would have preferred that they had bought off Richardson instead? Is that what you mean?

      • guest

        EB, go join the HRC scream team, fleas.

  • Bluebaer22

    All the corporations have to do is to excercise restraint in the salariers of the management of the companies/corporations. Give the working employees a living wage, and allow them to be comfortable in the workplace and in their lives. The better the workers lives are the happier they are as employees. The happier they are as employees the better the company profits. Managers do not produce the goods and services, the workers do. When the corporation heads learn this the nation will be much better off!

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