Rep. Knute Buehler: Oregonians looking for leadership on Ethics Reform

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  • xslipper

    Good luck. Ethics starts with leadership by mature and moral adults. Something sorely lacking inside Oregon state government.

    I attest the most well-organized criminal operations some of us employees have ever encountered is the State of Oregon.

    The reader should not find another organization with less accountability or less regard for spending money on a per capita basis that is not theirs.

    Oregon state government wrote its own book on civil and criminal racketeering. When pressured last year the now former state COO and a handful of other goons formed a committee to conduct an “environmental scan” to supposedly investigate a slew of civil rights violations, especially retaliation against whistleblowers at the state data center.

    They whitewashed everything and even hired Portland-based DMH Research to give the appearance matters where on the up and up.

    Here’s one employee’s response to a question in the nonsensical watered down survey:

    “Q. What do you like least about your job?
    A. (Response abbreviated to meet 3000 char max)
    That there is no adult supervision. For example, as head of DAS/ETS,
    rather than recuse themselves the COO endeavors to intentionally diminish our many allegations down to a voluntary “survey”. A state rep recently turned our matters over to the FBI. Additionally, other authorities are watching this story unfold. Some staff are recording survey responses for possible future reference.

    That DAS is a hostile workplace. For example, allegations include but not limited to:
    -Retaliation against whistleblowers
    -Sexual orientation & racial discrimination
    -Mgmt intentionally destroy/cripple careers
    -Harassment, including against those exercising FMLA / OHLA rights
    -Hostile work environment
    -Mgmt conspires to commit wrongdoing
    -Intentionally fraudulent disciplinary letters of warning
    -Intimidation, bullying
    -Managers discipline non-direct reporting staff
    -Unfair workplace standards
    -Abuse of authority
    -Mgmt conspires to falsely charge whistleblowers/undesirables
    -Team leads intentionally sabotage staff’s work
    -Misuse of state resources
    -Solicit fraudulent investigations to “look for dirt” on whistleblowers
    -Relieve undesirable staff of all duties – left with nothing to do,
    -Promote unqualified staff multiple levels overnight
    -COO, DAS HR, Labor Relations, BOLI, others intentionally ignore evidence, eyewitness testimony, refuse to take appropriate action
    -Authorities routinely cover, protect, reward wrongdoers
    -Non-technical staff promoted to highest technical levels.
    -Wrongdoers spy on staff emails and files
    -Union conspires with DAS, routinely misrepresents staff
    -Multiple major staff moves. Many more than 10 moves
    -Multiple special projects sequester managers, hires others as interim
    managers skirting policies
    -Theft of public funds – millions
    -Mail fraud
    -State/SEIU forcibly extort monies (union dues) from some staff (no dues
    no work)

    1 staff email said, “One of these days, an employee death will occur as a result of management’s negligence and unfair treatment of employees.” Recent blow up between 4 staff sent one bystander running out of bldg and resigned within 2 months.

    About COO & this “survey”:
    -COO, governor, union, others knew about many allegations since at least 01/13 yet no action and no sense of urgency
    -Min 52 of 200+ staff resigned in past 18 months were intentionally forbidden from survey participation for their valued participation
    -Fear of retaliation is so great many refuse to take survey
    -Many refuse to participate in ANY activity involving untrustworthy SEIU union
    -COO said without specifics they can’t take corrective action. Yet DAS HR already has many of our accounts / evidence but refused to act on any of it
    -COO said that all names / specifics will be scrubbed from published
    reports (possibly raw data too)
    -Wrongdoers continue to receive paychecks, protection, promotions, etc. as though there is no adult supervision and union has no impact
    -Survey is a whitewash”

    And I’ve not yet touched on the theft of public funds reaching into the millions if not billions.

    • zanzara2041

      Thank you for sharing this info. May the honest, good and trustworthy employees be noticed.

      • .

        It is incumbent upon Oregon tax paying voters to replace every DEMonstraitor in Oregon’s stuporstructure someone from the common sense sector possessed with common sense.
        Udderwise, Shi*Cago style politics is here to sway forevermore.

      • xslipper

        Thanks for the note. But really it’s not about honest, good, or trustworthy employees being noticed. It’s supposed to be about noticing the criminal elements in state government that are no respecters of state statutes and policies.

        It’s supposed to be about accountability and terminating, prosecuting, and potentially incarcerating criminal elements, wherever they may be. Thus far, there has been zero accountability.

        It’s just one big stupid joke on the taxpayers. For example, here’s a letter that went out to the AG and to which Rosenblum supposedly never responded:

        September 17, 2013

        Dear Attorney General Rosenblum,

        Thank you for Alejandrina Salinas’ response (see attached) to my email addressed to you. See below.

        Of all our more colorful episodes over the years working for the State of Oregon, your rather odd and generic response is among the more disappointing and obtuse yet received.

        Yes, some of us recently engaged BOLI. However, surely you are aware that BOLI does not investigate potential crimes and their investigations are limited to retaliation against whistleblowers and civil rights violations and even then BOLI only pursues infractions going back a mere 12 months. Thus leaving only a small remnant of infractions to investigate which amounts to little more than a few dozen pieces of a 1000-piece puzzle.

        In 2009, OCCR deputy commissioner Doug McKean accurately defined the distinctions between BOLI and the DOJ responsibilities when he said,

        “Civil rights laws are under ORS Chapter 659A, which gives BOLI specific jurisdiction / enforcement authority. ORS Chapter 659A includes all civil rights protections relating to employment, housing and public accommodations. The AG handles protections not found in ORS Chapter 659A, such as free speech issues or criminal matters, like hate crimes.“

        Yet, your response gives clear indication that the Department of Justice has zero interest in even hearing about potential criminal activity occurring within state government, much less evaluate or investigate. At best, it seems that you are naïve about the roles and responsibilities of the Department of Justice, BOLI, etc. At worst, it seems you are hoping that we are too naïve to realize the difference.

        In short, a group of DAS employees have been trying to find a legitimate state authority to report 10 years or more of allegations including routine retaliation against whistleblowers, sexual orientation and racial discrimination, defamation, abuse of authority, misuse of state resources, theft of public funds, willfully mutilating state records, mail and wire fraud, defamation, work-out-of-class, nepotism, harassment, intimidation, bullying, unfair workplace standards including hiring, promoting, and training, and numerous other infractions. Not to mention the stolen careers, the defamation of character, the 4 out on stress leave for months at a time now, or those under psychiatric care and medication solely for work-related matters, or the many other benefits of working in a corrupt and hostile work environment, etc., or the others too afraid to come forward for fear of further retaliation.

        Our list of potential wrongdoers continues to grow and presently includes DAS team leads, managers, deputy administrators, administrators, Human Resources personnel, managers, and directors, Chief Operating Office personnel, Labor Relations personnel, Secretary of State personnel, SEIU Union Local 503, and now possibly Oregon Department of Justice personnel.

        Thus far we’ve failed to locate a single legitimate reporting authority within the state.

        For example, in addition to reaching out to you, we know that the COO has been aware of our many allegations for 9 months or more. Not only is there a lack of evidence the COO has taken a single step to stop the hemorrhaging, matters have grown progressively worse during this time. Last November 5th, I contacted the governor’s office who turned my matter over to Labor Relation who, following standard protocol, turned the matter over to DAS so DAS could investigate DAS. Is it even worth mentioning that DAS found itself innocent of all wrongdoing? And then there’s the SEIU union, whose sole purpose appears to be that of sheepdogs acting on behalf of the shepherd (state management) to gather any stray sheople back into the fold while simultaneously extorting monthly dues from them under the pretense of acting as their advocate.

        Frankly, we’re tired of what seems to be a state government operating without any apparent adult supervision and all its bogus laws, policies, and union contracts used to create a fortress making it near impossible for whistleblowers and victims to penetrate.

        For this reason I’m bcc’ing this email to the FBI, National Labor Relations Board, and others who may well be interested to hear what you apparently want no part of. That at the core of Oregon state government, it seems there exists a thread of personnel in key positions of authority committing routine patterns of civil and criminal wrongdoing and other key authorities running interference just like an organized crime operation. The fact that the outcomes and responses (including your own) from expressing our grievances perhaps without exception are entirely predictable only substantiates our racketeering claims against the enterprise. As would the findings from the recently publicized investigation at Oregon Employment Division whose reported infractions look like child’s play in comparison to those inside DAS.

        Lastly, we are greatly concerned about another key statement made by Mr. McKean at that same 2009 OCCR meeting:

        “DOJ also plays a role in BOLI’s enforcement of civil rights law as the legal representative for all executive branch state agencies. The DOJ represents BOLI as its attorney if decisions made by BOLI are appealed to the Court of Appeals or BOLI needs to seek formal legal advice on an issue.”

        On the surface, this statement sounds legitimate enough, especially if the offending enterprise was a Fortune 100 company. But who’s kidding whom here? If the DOJ cares nothing about alleged criminal infractions occurring inside state government, who in their right mind would think the DOJ is capable of providing objective legal advice regarding civil infractions? The deck doesn’t get any more stacked than this.


  • thevillageidiot

    yeah right. everybody knows legislation is the only way to ensure ethics. another boondoggle to give the impression he is actually relevant.

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