Oregon House GOP to Gov. Brown: Actions don’t match rhetoric


Oregon House Republicans

Response from House Republican Caucus Communications Director Kara Walker in response to Governor Brown’s State of the State remarks:

“While House Republicans appreciate Governor Brown’s calls to improve our education system, strengthen our transportation infrastructure, and restore public trust in state government, the actions taken by her and legislative Democrats in Salem simply do not match the rhetoric we heard today in Portland.

“Signing a partisan bill passed by Democrats that shortchanges Oregon’s schools through an inadequate K-12 budget does not invest in education. It cuts budgets for school districts across the state at a time when class sizes are hitting 40+ students, schools are struggling to fund a full year of learning, and the state high school graduation rate is the worst in the nation.

“Signing a partisan bill passed by Democrats that uses Oregon taxpayer dollars to pay for a flawed DEQ program (under federal investigation) that drives up fuel prices without spending one dime on a road or a bridge does not invest in transportation infrastructure. Governor Brown and legislative Democrats prioritized LCFS over public safety and transportation improvements, period.

“Additionally, House Republicans have introduced a set of real, meaningful ethics reform proposals that increase accountability and transparency across all branches of state government. Governor Brown’s silence on our proposals is troubling at a time when public trust in state government is at an all-time low.

“Tomorrow marks Governor Brown’s 60th day as the leader of our state. Yet, only recently did she accept the invitation to attend a House Republican caucus meeting, scheduled to take place next week. We want to work together with Governor Brown to address the needs of our state and we remain hopeful that we will have an opportunity to do so in the near future.”