Portland lawmakers neglect Portland in paid sick leave

dog-logo-stamp.serendipityThumbPortland lawmakers neglect Portland in paid sick leave
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The paid sick leave law, SB 454, has been voted out of committee, and it appears that Portland got the worst out of the deal as voted on by Portland’s own politicians. The bill, SB 454, forces small businesses with 10 or more employees to provide five days paid sick leave and is expected to cost businesses nearly a half billion dollars a year.

The bill preempts Eugene’s paid leave law, which applies to all business sizes. Yet the same bill did not preempt Portland’s paid leave law, which applies to businesses with 6 or more employees. By doing this, lawmakers have created another Portland-penalty for running a family business within the city. Notice that this Portland-penalty applies only to the smaller and more vulnerable of the businesses. It is bewildering that liberal lawmakers considered that Eugene small business owners were worth protecting but not Portland business owners. It is a double standard that smaller mom-and-pop shops will pay dearly for in Portland.

Not everyone was for the paid sick leave law.   The bill passed out of committee on a party-line vote with all Democrat lawmakers supporting the costly new law and all Republican lawmakers in opposition. One of the opponents of the paid leave mandate was  State Senator Chuck Thomsen.   Senator Thomsen walked out of the hearing saying, “I’m not feeling very well. So I’m going to take a sick day.”

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  • Bob Clark

    Why join a union when the state is doing the job of union collectivism, usurping the individual right to negotiate one’s own working relations. The only company owned town in this state is the state government itself and its progressive satellite city governments.

  • thevillageidiot

    Small business owners cannot absorb the cost. Prices will go up. small businesses will either increase prices or go out of business. There is a business size or gross income at which the costs increase will be done but may be a bearable impacton profits. large corps will not feel anything.
    So to all the progressives, keep it up and small business will be driven out. along with that will come a significant increase in the jobless. All of you out there that expect this benefit is free don’t have a clue about how businesses stay in business and grow. it is called profit. no profit the business dies. profit is the fertilizer and water that keeps businesses growing. Non profits do not grow. They stay in business by donations. The donations make up for the profit. donations dry up the nonprofit dies.

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