Roughly 2 of 3 voters oppose gas tax

New poll shows that nearly 2 of 3 voters oppose gas tax
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation,

This month Oregonians were polled on their view of raising the gas tax.  This comes at a time when the issue of improved roads and taxes are being debated in the state and local level.  Portland has been considering a street tax and Washington County floated a car tax that was defeated by voters last year.  The poll shows that 60% of Oregonians surveyed opposed an increase in the gas tax.  Only 22% supported a gas tax increase. 17%  of those surveyed were either unsure or don’t know.


The question asked included some of the best arguments on this issue with supporters highlighting the need for a gas tax to keep up with inflation and the impact of hybrid cars that use little gas but cause wear on our roads.  For opponents of a gas tax increase the issue has often been the mis-use of existing gas tax funds.  Below is the gas tax question:

Question: There is discussion of raising the gasoline tax in Oregon. Supporters say transportation funding has not kept up with inflation or with the impact of low gas hybrid vehicles. Opponents say that current gas taxes are not being appropriately spent on roads and instead wasted and misused. Would you support or oppose a gas tax?