Sine Die!

by NW Spotlight

The 2015 Regular Session of the 78th Oregon Legislative Assembly adjourned Sine Die July 6, at 6:04 PM.

From the Oregon Legislative Glossary

Sine Die: “Without fixing a day for a future meeting”–the last day of a Legislative Session.

Sine Die


  • “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.” — Mark Twain

    Oregonians are a little bit safer today.

  • Bob Clark

    Sigh of relief as Measure 5 and its limits survived seemingly. I really worried about this with the Democrat party domination of this legislative session. But the year 2017 is on the horizon, and if you like the stability Measure 5 brings to a majority of Oregon citizens, you want to see the Oregon House of Representatives swing back toward a greater number of GOP representatives. Then, too, the GOP has some chance at gaining the Governor’s office.

    Ted Wheeler actually has a good shot if he chooses at taking the Governor’s office, as Brown blew it with the Transportation package. Wheeler has name recognition in Portland and Multnomah County. And he is greatly respected in rural counties on the Coast.

    But Wheeler is big government centric, seeing how he pushed through a partial takeover of private sector retirement programs. (The end goal with this legislation even if not intentional is to provide an opportunity to bail out the PERS and its large unfunded liabilities with private sector worker savings. Pretty diabolitical.)

    If Wheeler doesn’t run, then GOP governor chances would seem to improve substantially. And it would seem like, any serious candidacy needs to be getting off the ground very soon.

    • Drover Rowdy Takes

      Wheeler vs. Alley would make for great debate. Butt of curse, the Dem electorate majority will still turn their backs-on-Alley because their puppeteers still pull the PERS strings over all three of branches of checks overdrafting commoner sense balances.
      Plausible resuscitation: Brown out the unelected gov and sender off to a Fjord in Noway deep in the slake of ilk Bradbury – and send the O’Dem hyena blithering shake prattle and roll rover PAC to panhandleer at the end chutes of I-5 off ramps.

  • Cojones Protstate, NUTS

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