Hypocritical judgment of Kentucky county clerk


by Lars Larson

This week the eyes of the nation have been focused on Rowan County, Kentucky where a [Democratic] county clerk refused to issue gay marriage licenses.

Personally I think she’s wrong to substitute her religious beliefs for public policy. But what I find really kinda funny is the outraged cries of gay marriage fans.

You see, 11 years ago in Multnomah County those same people were cheering when four county commissioners conspired in secret to pull a similar stunt. Diane Linn, Serena Cruz, Lisa Naito and Maria Rojo de Steffy substituted their beliefs for the law and the state constitution. They ordered the County to begin issuing gay marriage licenses in violation of state law. Thousands of licenses were issued. In the end, the attorney general and the courts slapped down the outlaw commissioners.

Did the local media condemn their outrageous acts? Perish the thought.

Oregon voters then went to the polls and voted down gay marriage by a 14 percent margin.

It just seems interesting to me that when Kentucky’s Kim Davis stands on her principals she’s vilified by liberals who don’t like the result. But when the Bridal slipper is on the other foot, they’re giddy.

For my liberal progressive friends, if you want to demand the woman be fired, will you do the same when a public official does something you LIKE?

And for my conservative friends who are overjoyed by Kim Davis’ stand, will you be as happy when voters choose a Muslim Sheriff (say in Dearborn, Michigan) and he decides to start enforcing Sharia modesty rules on the local population of women?

From Black Lives Matter Marchers to Greenpeace Bridge Piñatas and now a Kentucky County Clerk…we’re less & less a nation of laws every day…and more and more a people under mob rule.

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