Lessons of 9/11: Iran nuke deal a bad idea


by Lars Larson

America marks the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks today even as the President of the United States celebrates the deal that paves the way to nuclear weapons in Iran.

Now that should make you pause.

Have we learned nothing? 14 years ago it was boarding passes and box cutters that allowed Islamic radicals to murder nearly three thousand Americans on our own soil. You’d think the reaction would have been to make America more secure against attacks.

The same President, who crowed about America’s success in Iraq four years ago, pulled all the troops out, allowed the rise of the Islamic state, drew red lines he never intended to enforce and now plans to welcome to America a crowd of Syrian refugees who are likely to include at least a few new Jihadis.

If you’re skeptical of that just remember the attempted bombing of the Christmas tree crowd in Pioneer Courthouse Square by Mohammed Mohammed…home grown terrorist.

Meanwhile in Iran, the centrifuges still spin, under an agreement opposed by 80 percent of Americans and a majority in Congress…an agreement by the way that Secretary of State John Kerry admits he hasn’t fully read.

If you really want to recognize the sacrifices of all those people 14 years ago, call the Democrats who have backed the President’s suicidal plan.

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  • Eric Blair

    This is bad even by Lars’ standards.

    First: Iran wasn’t involved in 9/11.

    Second: The majority of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia; in fact none of them were from Iran.

    Third: what does the current refugee crisis have to do with an agreement with Iran?

    Four: Our home-grown terrorists was guided in his attempts from beginning to end by the FBI.

    Five: Why stop with a wall between us and Mexico – why not just build a wall all the way around the country and keep everyone out. Much safer that way you know.

    You have a brain Lars, use it.

    • EB’s guise is nuts, absolutely

      Eric Blair hath spoken in a foreign tone of insurrection that should be condemned by all of U.S. – even by those lemming nitwits fallowing in line with him and his road Appell horse-devours on a fallacious sway toward to New World Order cliff banger .

      • Eric Blair


        • redbean

          I “get it” – need a translation?

          • Eric Blair

            Mystique and word vomit are not necessarily synonymous.

          • Danno Pealisdom

            Vomit or varmint in sight of whap expulsion?
            That is urine expatiation, EB, butt cannot mitigate your abscess from bean flung further out to sum ISIS sublimation for Islamic resolution, mattress Iman.

          • Caitlin Grenre

            Norm Crosby high on Nescafé steeped in tea party rendition.

    • redbean

      Raising a toast to “Eric Blair” on 1-4. Will have to skip 5 – that can of worms is just too big.

      Six: It wasn’t merely “boarding passes and box cutters” in the hands of Saudis that resulted in 911 but a complete FAIL of multiple federal agencies and the US military, not to mention certain members of the political class.

      Seven: This administration and the State Dept. under Killary didn’t just “allow” the rise of the Islamic State – they facilitated it with their failed policies in Libya and Syria.

      Eight: I’ll take Lars at his word that Mr. Kerry hasn’t read the agreement. But then, neither have the “80% of Americans and the majority in Congress” who oppose the deal. Last I checked, most of us weren’t privy to the details.

    • Dick Winningstad

      1. Iran is certainly part of the terror complex of the middle East. Applying this logic would have had the U.S. fighting Japan only in WW II.
      2. See no.1 And the Saudi Arabia government was not supporting al Qaeda as Iran and Afghanistan are/were.
      3. Iran’s support of war in the middle East is a direct cause, among others, of the refugee crisis. And I do not see Iran taking in refugees.
      4. Huh?
      5. Canada is not noted for flowing 100’s of thousands of illegals into the U.S. Mexico is.
      You have a brain Eric, use it.

      • .

        Culture it. Eric!

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