What’s Tina Kotek afraid Oregon will learn about Planned Parenthood?

Tina Kotek

Tina Kotek

by NW Spotlight

The Oregon House Committee on Healthcare WAS going to hold a public hearing to question Oregon Planned Parenthood about allegations of selling and transferring fetal organs and tissue from aborted fetuses for profit. That hearing WAS going to be next Monday, September 28.

Late yesterday afternoon, though, Oregon House Speaker and Portland-area Democrat Tina Kotek ordered the chair of that committee to CANCEL the hearing.

Oregon House Republicans responded to the cancellation by Kotek in this statement:

“It is disappointing to learn that Speaker Tina Kotek has undermined the judgment of her own Healthcare Committee Chair by abruptly canceling the scheduled Planned Parenthood public hearing. The letter was sent by House Republicans last month in response to questions and concerns from Oregonians across the state. The Speaker’s dismissal of those concerns is disrespectful and stifles dialogue on an issue that is important to Oregonians from all walks of life. The House belongs to the people, not Speaker Kotek.”

Undercover video of Planned Parenthood - aborted fetuses being "sold for parts"

Undercover video of Planned Parenthood – aborted fetuses being “sold for parts”

Please click here for a spreadsheet of Planned Parenthood contributions to Oregon Democrats – from ORESTAR (Oregon Secretary of State)

Please click here to sign the petition by Oregon House Republicans to demand that Democrats in Salem “do their job and hold the Planned Parenthood hearings as scheduled, because we deserve answers, not more of the same backroom politics.”

  • Dick Winningstad

    Another libeeral displays a sense of bias. Yup!

    • Eric Blair

      Well, bias is inherent in politics. I’d argue that staging a soviet-style show trial shows even more bias. I don’t think the public hearing had much to do with Planned Parenthood, and had much more to do with elections.

      • .

        Debbie Wasserman-Schultz loves the dope you swill and sell.

      • Dick Winningstad

        Hmmm…. Soviet style show trial? I would think you would want that. However I do not think that is a valid process in the legislature.
        But then I would want to know if PP in Oregon is/was selling chopped up babies for profit. But now we will never know.

        • Eric Blair

          Would you think that? How sad and uninformed of you.

          Well, we won’t know by legislative committee. There are also avenues, but for those you have to have a legitimate suspicion of law breaking.

          It couldn’t be that Republicans in this state were jumping on a political bandwagon would it? Nah, they would never do that.

          • Dick Winningstad

            It would stand to reason that a Dem would cheer the actions of other Dems. Yet why are you afraid of a committee investigation if you are so sure nothing will come of it?

          • Eric Blair

            It might stand to reason. Except I’m not a Democrat. Really, Dick, you should ask more questions and not assume so much. Doesn’t look good for you.

            I have absolutely no doubt that PP is following the law. What I don’t want, is for the legislature to waste money on something that is nothing more than a political circus. This isn’t about PP following the law, it’s about trying to score political points with the base. Evidently it is working.

            Are you a Republican Dick? If you are, doesn’t it make sense that you would cheer the actions of other Repubs?

          • Dick Winningstad

            Walk like a Dem talk like a Dem…

          • Eric Blair

            Why am I not surprised when you can’t admit when you’re wrong, and instead double down on your willful ignorance?

          • Dick Winningstad

            Wrong about what? I agree you are convinced the PP is Ok. I disagree.

          • Zounds Awful

            D’oh, Eric Blair over barks like a junk yard dog outback guarding Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s backyard .

          • Eric Blair

            Whats up with you and Debbie.. are you crushing on her?

          • Whistle EB ass out of bounds

            It’s you, EB, in her bark yard, yet you say you’re no left wing socialist Dem!
            Ha! What a load of canine scatology you mark your pathos with.

          • Eric Blair

            I said I wasn’t a Democrat. Think about it. 😉 Maybe you’re too besotted with Debbie to get your mind to get it?

          • Callitlikeitis

            That dude is more into pig play I bet

  • Ron Glynn

    The Democrat Party is still licking their wounds after the Kitzhaber-Hayes debacle. Since they are bigtime pals with Planned Parenthood, they do not want to look bad by association.

    • Eric Blair

      And the Republican Party is looking for something else to replace it with in the news cycles.

  • Jack Lord God

    Tina Kotek is definitely doing the right thing here. People don’t like to be reminded how ugly we have become. For this to go on, we must remain monsters.

    • redbean

      Reality is a hard pill for some folks.

  • Ardbeg

    Why waste time and money on deception PP officials were not even planning on attending .

    • Eric Blair

      ’cause it’s about the show. It was a lose/lose for Democrats. If they went ahead with the hearings, it was going to be a circus. And when they didn’t… well.. note the original post.

      • redbean

        Sorry, I’m not following you. How would this hearing be a “lose/lose” for Democrats? Oregon is a Democrat-party majority, “pro-choice” state. Surely only a fringe minority cares about the commodification of human fetuses.

        • Eric Blair

          Well, since you put it that way…. and you still can’t follow me?

          • OMG not

            In principle, seeing you waving from a Rolls Royce or Pope mobile, to wit, I’d be suspicious about following you anywhere, Mr. Blair.

  • myree williams

    We already know about PP