What’s Tina Kotek afraid Oregon will learn about Planned Parenthood?

Tina Kotek

Tina Kotek

by NW Spotlight

The Oregon House Committee on Healthcare WAS going to hold a public hearing to question Oregon Planned Parenthood about allegations of selling and transferring fetal organs and tissue from aborted fetuses for profit. That hearing WAS going to be next Monday, September 28.

Late yesterday afternoon, though, Oregon House Speaker and Portland-area Democrat Tina Kotek ordered the chair of that committee to CANCEL the hearing.

Oregon House Republicans responded to the cancellation by Kotek in this statement:

“It is disappointing to learn that Speaker Tina Kotek has undermined the judgment of her own Healthcare Committee Chair by abruptly canceling the scheduled Planned Parenthood public hearing. The letter was sent by House Republicans last month in response to questions and concerns from Oregonians across the state. The Speaker’s dismissal of those concerns is disrespectful and stifles dialogue on an issue that is important to Oregonians from all walks of life. The House belongs to the people, not Speaker Kotek.”

Undercover video of Planned Parenthood - aborted fetuses being "sold for parts"

Undercover video of Planned Parenthood – aborted fetuses being “sold for parts”

Please click here for a spreadsheet of Planned Parenthood contributions to Oregon Democrats – from ORESTAR (Oregon Secretary of State)

Please click here to sign the petition by Oregon House Republicans to demand that Democrats in Salem “do their job and hold the Planned Parenthood hearings as scheduled, because we deserve answers, not more of the same backroom politics.”