A personal look inside Planned Parenthood

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by Ashley Atkin

With all of the information surrounding Planned Parenthood in the media right now, I wanted to put my experience out there.

In 2010, just weeks after getting married, I found out I was pregnant. It was an unplanned pregnancy. My husband and I were both terrified. We were broke and I was without health insurance. But let me be perfectly clear, our baby was unplanned but NOT unwanted.

Because we did not have health insurance to cover the pregnancy, I had to get a “proof of pregnancy” in order to qualify for state healthcare. I made an appointment and went to Planned Parenthood to get an ultrasound to obtain my proof of pregnancy. The nurse did a vaginal ultrasound and told me that my pregnancy was not viable and in order to avoid infection, I needed to have a procedure done to “flush out the pregnancy”.

I was told that based on the date of my last period there should be a heartbeat and they couldn’t find one. (I have irregular periods and based on the date of my last period I was only weeks along and it is perfectly normal not to see the flicker of the heart beat yet.) I was also told that I had a misshaped uterus that would cause problems with my pregnancy.

I was heartbroken.

I was twenty years old, newly pregnant, alone, having my first ever vaginal ultrasound. I was terrified.

I told the nurse that if the pregnancy wasn’t viable, I would rather miscarry naturally. This was a Friday. I was told I had to come back Monday and they would take blood to see if my hCG levels had risen. I was told if there was no increase in my levels, I needed to have a D&C [abortion] done or I would get an infection.

That evening I went to my parents’ house to celebrate my mom’s birthday. I didn’t want to give my parents the bad news on a day we should be celebrating but they could tell I was upset. I told them everything the nurse had told me and my mom said she would be with me when I went back on Monday.

Over the weekend I prayed without ceasing that if it was God’s will, that He would let me have this baby and that He would protect my baby. I had peace knowing that whatever happened, it was in God’s hands.

Monday morning my mom and I went back to Planned Parenthood. They took me back, alone – they wouldn’t allow my mom to come with me. They took my blood and saw that my levels had more than doubled. They reminded me of the issues with my uterus and told me to see an obstetrician ASAP.

I did. My uterus is perfect. I did have issues with my pregnancy, but not in any way related to my uterus. In December 2010 my beautiful daughter Madeline was born.

At twenty years old, I was terrified at the thought of having a baby, but the thought of not keeping my baby was never an option. I feel that I was stereotyped when I walked into Planned Parenthood. I was young, alone and afraid and I believe that they were trying to push me into getting rid of my pregnancy. I wonder how many girls in my shoes walk into Planned Parenthood and listen to the advice of the doctors telling them they NEED to get rid of their pregnancy.

Doctors are supposed to be trustworthy, they are supposed to have our best interest in mind.

Whatever your opinion is on abortion, Planned Parenthood tried to take my choice away by telling me that I had to have this procedure done for my health and wellbeing. I praise God for being with me in that moment or I may have taken their advice.

Ashley and her husband have been married for five years and have two beautiful daughters – ages four and two. They live outside of Denver in Colorado, where she works as a hairstylist.

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  • Wary Citizenry

    Very compelling and Planned Parenthood shouldn’t be ducking issues like politico’s veiling or obfuscating over facts that should be answered to.

  • thevillageidiot

    from other reports and my daughters experience planned parenthood only has one plan. abortion. Whether the young woman (16 and pregnant qualifies as young woman) wants the child or not they will bully for abortion.

  • Bob Clark

    Planned Parent Hood does (like here) provide those without means a way to look/diagnose their situation. But Planned Parent Hood appears to have become corrupted because of the large government monies flowing to them, as it is demonstrated in recent elections it runs a stealthy campaign to help elect Democrat party members to government positions; and not very much favorable to the GOP.

    Government funding to Planned Parent Hood should be cut in reaction to these and other dubious practices.

    • DavidAppell

      Cutting PP will harm women’s health, decrease the use of birth control, and increase the abortion rate.

      The Republican party is already seen as anti-women. Smart move.

      • unemotional

        Ironically, the eugenicist Margaret Sanger was anti-abortion. Sure she’d rid the world of inferior people if able but only by preventing conception not by killing. We’ve come a long way in our understanding of the need.

      • guest

        Sorely you, David Appelll lie like an aspersion rug in a carny tent alluring jackass d’ohners foundering about in PT Barnum land.

    • Eric Blair

      I would be interested in their “stealthy” campaign. What are you referring to? Which other dubious practices? It would be nice if you provided evidence, rather than vague comments.

      LOL.. aren’t Republicans the one’s that are big on tort reform? Especially when it comes to medical malpractice? Evidently it is OK to make political hay out of bad, INDIVIDUAL, providers when it is convenient. Tell me of one hospital or clinic that has not had a bad doctor, nurse, or other provider.

    • siha

      You would deny health care to lots of women without any kind of replacement, just because you perceive this organization as playing the system…? (Doesn’t Mr. Trump encourage us all to “use” all necessary laws/processes?! Bankruptcy, buying favors with campaign contributions, etc. This is, apparently, a very popular perspective these days…)

  • Fillybuster Barr

    First Order of the Daze: KPIP [Keep Privates in Pants] !
    Not only a proper way to defuse the Population Bomb, butt will entourage Planned Parenthood out to scour bins for other forms of recyclable medical waste.

  • oregon_man

    That is nothing more than a questionable anecdote. PP told you the exact right thing to do: see an obstetrician. The rest you dreamed up based on your own predetermined bias. Apparently you think you are skilled at mind-reading.

  • Onewhoknows

    Ms. Atkin – Thank goodness there was publicly provided (taxpayer paid) health care for your first child since you were unprepared for that obligation. I have received only fine service from PP and they, like you, deserve continued public support.

    • Arele

      Thank God she didn’t take their advice!

      • .


      • So Solomnoney Swear

        or avarice.

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