2007 Begins with a Price Tag

As of today Oregon’s minimum wage now jumps to $7.80, keeping our state among the highest minimum wages in the nation (our cure for our high unemployment?). Right behind that Portland General Electric and Pacific Power are switching on a utility rate increase. Pacific Power is doing a 5% increase and PGE with a +2.6% homes and +5.2% for businesses with two more bonus increases before spring. Oregon’s new mental health parity law also takes effect, with a new mandate requiring insurance companies to cover people’s mental health expenses just like traditional physical health expenses. Mental health adds scores of new mandated coverage such as drug addiction. Undoubtedly, this will cause health rates to increase. Finally, we couldn’t ignore the 2007 Governor’s Proposed Budget which calls for 20% increase in new state spending and a half dozen in new multi-million dollar taxes increases. Can taxpayers and ratepayers afford the brave new world of 2007?

  • homer12

    We merry gentlemen must not forget the new Metro greenspace tax, and the myriad of new school, library and other property taxes passed by voters a not so distant election ago. Payer up boys n girls.

  • There is hope for parity as the national congress pushes for a nationwide increase in the minimum wage. This benefits Oregon as our minimum wage will be only slightly higher than most states instead of tremendously higher.

    Unfortunately, the Democrats will push to ratchet the minimum wage with inflation as done here in Oregon. This policy creates a unrealistic belief that minimum wage employees will earn a living wage, instead all other jobs also ratchet up based upon the base wage of the minimum wage. Imagine that, nearly 250 years ago Adam Smith got it right when he stated that the amount someone produces is what should the cost of labor.

  • homer12

    If the Beltway D.C. gents raise the minimum wage, then our beloved Beaver State will have license to raise ours again. Same paradigm they use for raising the tobaccyyyy tax,

    • Our minimum wage is tied to inflation and has a minimum increase of $.05/year. I doubt that the DC buddies will raise the minimum wage to our overinflated rate. If they did, there would be a revolt by the business community…more so that if they raise it by $1 or $1.50.

  • AAA

    Living Wage – seems that popular phrase has been overtaken by the popular ‘Family Wage’ – problem is I’ve never seen either phrase defined. It’s cheaper to live in Baker than it is in Portland so what, exactly, is a living wage in Baker and what is it in Portland? ‘Family Wage’ – does this mean as your family grows you get more income? Similar to the old Welfare system?

    Anyone know the answers to these questions?

  • May I add also to our costs-In State Tuition for Illegal Aliens.
    Considering we already pay for 100 “Migrant” chldren to go to college & we already paid up to $120K each for their K-12 education, I do not think we should have to reward any more criminal activity with Free to them or reduced college.
    rep.s Jeff Merkley & Ben Cannon intend to introduce this legislation even though California is being sued by out of state residents and Legal immigratns who pay out of state rates their.
    Also Gov. Ted wants Headstart for all. I have Parents in Salem that cannot get their child into this program because they do not speak Spanish. This will also cost us a bunch.
    How much will it cost us in money & lives, to produce a special drivers’ license, just for illegal aliens. As the only state in the Nation to do so, millions will invade Oregon to get one.

  • Jerry

    Here’s the deal kiddies: the minimum wage should be $25.00 an hour. No discussion. People need their money. If it can be north of 7 why can’t it be $25, I ask you? This way everyone will be happy and they can live rather than die, which is the opposite of a living wage – a death wage. I am amazed at just how many people die from earning only the minimum wage.
    We must send children of illegals to school – otherwise they will never learn how easy it is to break our laws and then get rewarded for doing so.
    And remember, all addictions are diseases and never should one even hint that the addict may be to blame.
    Pay on is right. It will break someday, but in the meantime, party on and get some more of that there green space!
    Metro rocks – Salem is king! I couldn’t be happier.

  • Richard

    My 2007 list to do

    1. Declare my opposition to conservatism. Conservative are no different that liberals in infringing individual liberty and support for statism over Capitalism and Individual Liberty. Howe I wish to hire or trade with is nobody’s business.
    2. 2. Readjust Stock Account to democrat proof my holdings.
    3. Save for possible move out of Oregon to another state or even consider immigrating to New Zealand. If Ted start taxing business my job will move to friendly waters. The Republican party is finished in Oregon. You will know when one start seeing an exodus of republicans, especially political leaders, out of state or leave politics al together. Here a partial of casualties the last few years, Goli Ameri, Derrick Kits, Ron Saxtion, Bill Witt and others who fell off the political landscape. There a huge power vacuum in the Republican party.