New laws effective Jan 2016: ‘Lumps of coal’ for Oregon’s economy


Oregon Senate Republicans

Salem, Ore. – With the end of a tumultuous year in Oregon government drawing to a close, Senate Republicans highlighted a number of new laws that will harm working families and small businesses in the New Year.

Bills passed by the Democrat majority absent bipartisan support during the 2015 legislative session going into effect January 1, 2016 include:

• A $55 increase in car insurance premiums for most vehicles (SB 411)

• Increases in hunting and fishing licenses, the first of three between now and 2020 (SB 247)

• New animal nuisance lawsuits against small family farmers (HB 2888)

• Expensive mandatory paid time off for requirements for small businesses (SB 454)

• New authority for BOLI to issue warrants, liens and garnishments on small businesses (SB 468)

“Senate Democrats insisted on new laws that increase the cost of living for Oregon families and small businesses,” said Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day). “Oregonians will get ‘lumps of coal’ in the stocking of Oregon’s economy this year because of Democrat leaders who value partisan projects and padding state agency budgets over helping small businesses and families thrive.”

Senate Republicans also warned of new Democrat proposals coming during the February 2016 short legislative session that will further cripple Oregon’s economy, including a minimum wage as high as $15 per hour and a new cap and trade scheme.

“Voters intended the annual short session be used to balance the state’s budget and address legislative emergencies,” explained Senator Herman Baertschiger (R – Grants Pass). “Instead, Democrats want to ram through more job-killing legislation before the 2016 election. Democrats’ desire to pass as many new laws as possible in five short weeks will leave our economy weaker without addressing real economic emergencies. We need to focus on finding solutions to create family-wage jobs and get Oregonians around the state the skills and training they need to succeed.”