Photos: 25th Birthday of Measure 5

Nearly 200 people showed up to the Portland Airport Shilo Inn to celebrate the 25th Birthday of Measure 5 on December 2nd.   The cake read “You saved our home” Without Measure 5 your property taxes would be 40% higher!



Speaking at the event was Criag Flynn, Dan Phegley, Steve Buckstien and Greg Howe who were there during the Measure 5 debate.  This historical and educational event was sponsored by the Oregon Executive Club.  The event clearly shows how popular Measure5 tax limits have on everyday Oregon homeowners.


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Your property taxes would be 40% higher today if it wasn’t for Measure 5 tax cuts!

Don made a real difference through his hard work on Measure 5. Throughout the rest of his life, people came up to Don on the street and thanked him. “If it wasn’t for Measure 5, I wouldn’t be able to afford to live in my own home,” they’d tell him. Twenty-five years later I still get phone calls from people expressing their gratitude.

Unfortunately Don passed away in 2011 and could not celebrate this special 25th birthday of Measure 5.

On Don’s behalf, please take a moment to remember how important Measure 5 has been and consider making a charitable contribution to this Foundation to protect Measure 5’s history and legacy.   Today, there is often misunderstanding by the media and policymakers on how important Measure5’s impact was on everyday Oregon homeowners.    Those who ignore history or re-write history are likely to build a flawed future.

Thank you for your support.


Jason Williams
Taxpayer Foundation of Oregon

P.S. To protect the legacy of Measure 5’s  for the next 25 years, you can make a charitable deductible donation of property, vehicles, stock or cash to the Taxpayer Foundation of Oregon. Call us at 503-603-9009 or mail us at P.O. Box 23573, Tigard, OR, 97281