What Ballot Measure 79 means for you and your home.

By Yes on 79 Committee,

This fall, voters will have an opportunity to stop new taxes on their property. Initiative Petition #5 qualified for the November 6, 2012, General Election as Ballot Measure 79. The petition qualified early thanks to strong volunteer effort that generated more than 40,000 signatures with an extremely high validity rate. As the campaign moves forward, Yes on 79, will be the name to remember. Now, we need to pass Measure 79 to stop new taxes at the point of sale or transfer of real estate.

• All property owners in Oregon – commercial and residential – are required to pay a property tax. The imposition of a second tax on the same property is an obvious double-tax.
• With home values declining, many families are selling at a loss. It is unfair to turn to distressed homeowners and struggling families to find new sources of government revenue.

Enough is enough. Make a commitment today to get involved and support Measure 79. Join this statewide movement to stop another tax on property in Oregon.
Learn more at http://www.yesonmeasure79.com