Join the annual Roe v. Wade Memorial Rally in Portland

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Oregon Right To Life

Portland, OR—Tomorrow (Sunday, January 17, 2016), in Pioneer Courthouse Square, thousands of Oregonians from around the state will be convening to commemorate the 58 million lives lost to legalized abortion since 1973.

The rally begins at 2:30pm. Following the rally, the attendees will march through downtown Portland, aided by police escort. This year’s featured speaker is Lila Rose, president of Live Action, a national pro-life group that has carried out many undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood.

Live Action exposed an employee of the now-closed Clackamas Planned Parenthood teaching BDSM to a girl who gave her age as 15. Additionally, David Daleidan of the Center for Medical Progress, who went undercover for two years in the “fetal parts” industry, got his start working for Ms. Rose at Live Action.

Following the rally and march through Portland, students will attend Oregon Right to Life’s second annual youth rally, where Ms. Rose will be speaking again.

Please click here for an event flyer or here to see the event on Facebook

Roe v Wade Rally 2015a

2015 Roe v. Wade Memorial Rally in Portland, OR

Roe v Wade Rally 2015b

2015 Roe v. Wade Memorial Rally in Portland, OR