Governor Predictor: Four Oregon polls combined

We can never get enough polls and we have nothing else better to do all day long but stress until we see the election night’s results. So below is the result of the last four major polls on the governor’s race (two polls for Democrat Primary). 1, 2, 3, “>4

Oregon Republican Primary
Dudley, Chris – 32%
Alley, Allen 22%
Lim, John 8%
Sizemore, Bill 7%

Oregon Democrat Primary
Kitzhaber, John 56%
Bradbury, Bill 24%

One last poll below:

Here we add two very large straw polls, The Dorchester Poll (400+) and the Taxpayer Association poll (830+) and average them into the four standard polls.

Four Poll + Straw Polls
Dudley, Chris 52%
Alley, Allen 41%
Lim, John 3%
Undecided, other: 7%