House Republicans Unveil 2007 Session Agenda

To read the full Republican plan CLICK HERE. Below are the highlights of their plan.

Advocate local decision-making for students, and insist on accountability for parents and taxpayers

Expand workforce and skill development programs..serving those who don’t attend college.

Support innovations at community colleges and universities

Protect working families and small businesses from irresponsible tax increases, and protect Oregon’s constitutional kicker.

Establish a true “Rainy Day Fund” with sufficient reserves to prepare for future budget crises.

Strengthen the Legislature’s ability to audit the performance and finances of state agencies.

Strengthen the Oregon State Police to provide 24/7 coverage of our roads and highways.

Assure the DHS and Oregon Health Plan run efficiently and contain costs, while providing necessary health and social benefits to Oregonians most in need.

Assure long-term care programs are funded

– Promote new investments in Oregon by reducing our high capital gains tax rate.

Protect private property rights by upholding citizen’s votes for Measures 37 and 39.

Oppose efforts to shut down local access to Oregon forests and water resources.

A press release from Rep. Wayne Scott noted

“We have an agenda for successful students, responsible government, safe families and a robust economy,” Rep. Scott said. “House Republicans want to strengthen Oregon’s communities, and empower citizens to create local jobs and improve their neighborhoods and schools.” Highlights of the session agenda include developing a rainy day fund, achieving round-the-clock State Trooper coverage on highways, as well as expanding workforce and skill development programs in high schools and community colleges. House Republicans also pledge to protect working families and small businesses from irresponsible tax increases.”


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  • Dylan

    Suspending the kicker IS a tax increase Mr. Scott!

  • Wayne Brady

    One of the most important things the Republicans can do is stop the Democrat’s drive to force Oregonians into a single payer medical system. This could cause a mass exodus of people like me who value quality health care.

    The legislature also needs to refocus the Oregon Health Plan to the most needy citizens. Extending the coverage of the Oregon Health Plan to other groups of people will dilute the effectiveness of the plan for the primary beneficiaries and ramp up spending at the same time.

  • Jerry

    Unofrtunately the repubs seem to lack the will, the courage, and the energy to make any of this actually happen. They are hopeless, haplass, luckless losers with no spine. I am ashamed to be a repub with these clowns running around doing nothing.
    Time to get tough and actually do something rather than talk about it. I don’t see that happening, sadly.

  • DeVietro

    Ok, so we see the talk thats step one, we still have an uphill battle to make it happen. Obviously some of these things are going to be much bigger fights than others. How exactly do we expect to get the dems to go along with the reduced capitol gains taxes which we have only been told so many times “Only benifits the rich”

  • What good is it to unveil an agenda that would require a majority to take action on any item? In reality the only thing the Republicans can do this session is unite and oppose tax increases. Unfortunately, it appears that Rep. Wayne Scott will not present a united front against tax increases when he stated that the caucus will only oppose “irresponsible tax increases”. This leaves open, as has happened in the past, the potential for support of fee increases and “responsible tax increases”. The definition for responsible tax increases is far too broad and will end with the Republicans continuing to appear weak.

  • notice not one of these items is a specific policy proposal? this stinks to high heaven.

    • eagle eye

      Right. I loved this one:

      “Support innovations at community colleges and universities”

      Takes imagination and guts to get out front on stuff like this!

  • Wayne Brady

    You can hardly expect much of an agenda from the minority. The best thing they can do is hold back some of the wildest stuff the Democrats will try to pass.

    I just hope the Republicans that sat out the last election learn from this. Unfortunately, I doubt they will.

    • eagle eye

      Well, I just hope the Republican leadership who did so much to turn off Republicans who sat out the last election have learned from this too. Unfortunately, I doubt they will.

  • Jerry

    You have all said it well. The Oregon Repubs are weak, ineffectual, lazy, unorganized, unprincipled, and not too bright. I am ashamed of them all. None of what they have said will ever come to pass. None of it.

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