House Republicans Unveil 2007 Session Agenda

To read the full Republican plan CLICK HERE. Below are the highlights of their plan.

Advocate local decision-making for students, and insist on accountability for parents and taxpayers

Expand workforce and skill development programs..serving those who don’t attend college.

Support innovations at community colleges and universities

Protect working families and small businesses from irresponsible tax increases, and protect Oregon’s constitutional kicker.

Establish a true “Rainy Day Fund” with sufficient reserves to prepare for future budget crises.

Strengthen the Legislature’s ability to audit the performance and finances of state agencies.

Strengthen the Oregon State Police to provide 24/7 coverage of our roads and highways.

Assure the DHS and Oregon Health Plan run efficiently and contain costs, while providing necessary health and social benefits to Oregonians most in need.

Assure long-term care programs are funded

– Promote new investments in Oregon by reducing our high capital gains tax rate.

Protect private property rights by upholding citizen’s votes for Measures 37 and 39.

Oppose efforts to shut down local access to Oregon forests and water resources.

A press release from Rep. Wayne Scott noted

“We have an agenda for successful students, responsible government, safe families and a robust economy,” Rep. Scott said. “House Republicans want to strengthen Oregon’s communities, and empower citizens to create local jobs and improve their neighborhoods and schools.” Highlights of the session agenda include developing a rainy day fund, achieving round-the-clock State Trooper coverage on highways, as well as expanding workforce and skill development programs in high schools and community colleges. House Republicans also pledge to protect working families and small businesses from irresponsible tax increases.”