Executive Club: John Charles

john_charlesKeynote: John Charles, President of Cascade Policy Institute
Executive Club Meeting
700p.m.  Wed. Mar. 2nd
Portland Airport Shilo Inn

Topic: What’s behind Oregon’s coal battle in the Legislature

John used to walk on the dark side, with the Oregon Environmental Council. Director for 17 years.  He knows how this works, from the leftie point of view.  Prolific writer, digger for detail, with a wit to match.  Why is “renewable power” so tough? The wind don’t always blow, and the sun don’t always shine. Renewables require backup, and Surprise! That makes your power more expensive!

Wrap up the deliberate ignoring of existing hydro — maybe they want that gone, next? — with the false reasoning for it all, the data-denying concept of “man-made” climate change, and it looks like the last push to turn off the lights in Oregon.

Got your cave staked out?

Then roll a rock in front of the door, and join us Wednesday night, March 2nd.
John is smiling because he knows where the bodies are buried, and he’s bringing a shovel.