Bud Pierce ready for challengers in GOP governor race

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Bud Pierce for Oregon Governor

Salem, Oregon – Bud Pierce, candidate for Oregon governor released a statement today acknowledging Allen Alley’s late entrance into the Republican primary.

Pierce said, “Ever since I entered the race last September, I have been ready for challengers in the primary. I don’t take Allen’s candidacy lightly, but I am still confident that I am the right candidate for this election.”

Pierce began preparing for a race last February and announced his candidacy last year on Sept. 10 on the steps of the Oregon Capitol, followed by a celebration that attracted over 300 supporters. Since the fall, Pierce has been building his campaign team, opening an office, hiring staff and travelling around the state listening to fellow Oregonians.

Kevin Mannix, attorney, former candidate for Governor and former Oregon Republican Party Chair, said, “We already have an excellent candidate for Governor in Bud Pierce. He is smart and qualified and he will bring prosperity to Oregon. Allen had a chance to step up and be part of this process since last year and did not commit until now, which is late in the process. Bud has proved his worth to Oregonians over and over again through his involvement with the business community, his medical practice, his support of solid causes, and his generous support of charities. He has developed a dynamic campaign over the last year and has traveled all over the state. It is a mistake for Allen to think he can drop into the process at the last minute and be able to achieve that same momentum.”

While there are a number of people who have filed on the Republican ticket, Allen is known because of previous runs for office. Pierce comments, “Allen’s been around Oregon politics for a long time and has run before, albeit unsuccessfully, but that doesn’t dissuade me. For my part, I believe that Oregon needs new blood, fresh ideas and a break from the one-party rule we’ve had in the governor’s office for 30 years. I still expect to become the nominee of Oregon Republicans and, ultimately, the voice of working Oregonians.”

Bud Pierce, Ph.D., M.D., of Salem, Oregon, is an oncologist, business owner, veteran, and Republican candidate for Oregon Governor. See more details about his agenda for Oregon on www.BudPierce.com.