70% of signed bills had “Fake Emergency” Clauses

emg-nofake-piechart-toonNearly 70% of signed bills had “Fake Emergency” Clauses
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The liberal politicians are brazenly censoring the Oregon public by stuffing most of their bills with “Fake Emergency” clauses.   By the current count, nearly 70% of the bills signed into law by Governor Brown contained a “Fake” Emergency Clause which has the legal effect of blocking voters from immediately repealing the law through  a citizen referendum drive.

This is why you must sign the petition to stop the abuse of emergency clauses.  Sign the No Fake Emergency petition here.Some bills appeared to be emergency related but others grossly off-mark.  Ask yourself, do these signed bills sound like an Emergency?

SB 1540 — directs government to conduct a study on how to increase mathematics

HB 4002 — Directs government to study student absenteeism

How about these bills Emergency clause bills (that almost passed)…

SB 1518 – Establishes a pilot program to create artificial beaver dams

HB 4004 – Authorizes funds to replace Oregon statutes in US Capitol

The more controversial the bill was the more likely it had an Emergency Clause.  For instance, the Anti-coal bill (HB 4036) and the blacklisting gun owner database bill (SB 1551) all had emergency clauses on them.

Please help us.  The politicians will not stop abusing their power on their own.  We must change the law to secure Oregonians right to repeal bad laws.  Please sign the No Fake Emergency petition here.

  • Bob Clark

    I support this initiative, but I can’t remember if I’ve already signed it or not. This is a frequent problem. There’s a petition signature to get a title. Then there’s the actual Initiative itself. Then some initiatives progress in fits and starts, starting over again sometimes. So, even supporters are sometimes left scratching their heads as to like: “Who’s on first [base]”

  • Connie Kosuda

    sorta reminds me of the weapons of mass destruction sham with 2 unfunded wars / go figure. was that the libruls too?

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      • Connie Kosuda

        ‘guest’ usually means a person / how r u here?

        • Mosque Q. Incyst Further

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  • Sick and tired of it 24/7.

    Such a Dem scam that attends our state of affairs.