Petition: Stop fake emergencies that deny your right to vote

emg-oregonian-quoteBy Taxpayer Association of Oregon

You won’t believe how Oregon politicians are fast-tracking their radical bills into law by denying you the right to stop them. They found a loophole – by rigging bad bills with fake “emergency clauses” that prohibit a public referendum vote. You are being denied a Right to Vote on these bad bills. Our No Fake Emergency petition outlaws emergency clause fraud by requiring politicians to get a 2/3rds supermajority vote on bills with an emergency clause. Sign the petition here.

Recent bills with “fake emergency” clauses denying a public vote:

19 cent hidden gas tax tied to Gov. Kitzhaber’s corruption scandal (SB 234)

Early release for sex offenders (HB 3194)

Gun control law that criminalizes hunters, veterans, and gun owners over private exchanges (SB 941)

Nearly a half billion in government waste: $217 million on a bridge never built and $240 million on the Cover Oregon government healthcare website that crashed (HB 2800, SB 99)

Now you can see why the politicians wanted to shove these bills through without your accountability!

If you are alarmed over hidden taxes, runaway government waste, over-handed gun control laws and releasing criminals out early — then please sign our petition.

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