Huge Victory ! Gun control Bill pulled

WatchdogBig Victory – SB 1551 Gun control Bill pulled
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The nefarious Blacklisting Gun Control Bill, SB 1551, was pulled from committee today with signs that it will not come back. The bill would allow citizens to blacklist each other form purchasing a gun if they felt that person was unfit to have one. The bill created a statewide website database where people could list people without the person being accused ever knowing they were blacklisted. This was a terrible blacklisting bill reminiscent of McCarthyism.

The bill included a “Fake Emergency” Clause — designed to block voters repealing the bill if they chose to use the referendum petition process.

Please! Don’t ever let politicians abuse our Democracy with “Fake Emergency” Clauses ever again, not for this gun control bill or for any bill in the future by singing the petition to end Fake Emergency abuse which restores your right to vote and repeal bad bills. The petition is endorsed by the Oregon Firearms Federation, Oregon Republican Party and the Taxpayer Association. Please request a petition directly by going to No Fake Emergencies.

Read the bill here

Special thanks to the many gun owners, second Amendment groups, Oregon Firearms Federation, and radio hosts who kept pressure against this bill and secured the victory.

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  • Dave Lister

    This is not a big victory. This is SOP for the dems. They offer up an egregious bill that cannot pass, but they also offer up a seemingly innocent bill that can pass. It’s bait and switch. And it is how they destroy our rights incrementally.

    The other bill, that would not allow a gun store to release a pending “hold” sale after 72 hours, is the “switch”. Right now, gun stores do not release held weapons after 72 hours, even though the law says they “may”. The fact is they are given a hold date by OSP that is six to eight weeks out and they abide by that date. This bill would effectively allow the OSP to deny the release of a held weapon indefinitely, regardless of the outcome of the background check.

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