Oregon Catalyst – 2016 Primary Voting Resource Guide


by NW Spotlight

Voting Information

Oregon Sec of State – ballot dropoff locations

Oregon Sec of State – track your ballot

Voter Guides

To sign up for a Christian Voter’s Guide (Oregon Family Council)

NRA grades & endorsements

Oregon Right To Life 2016 Primary Voter Guide

Taxpayer Association Oregon PAC — 2016 Primary Voter Guide

Oregonians for Food and Shelter 2016 Primary Endorsements

Oregon Sec of State

Online Voters’ Guide – 2016 Primary Election

Audio Voters’ Guide – 2016 Primary Election

• Ballots are already being mailed to voters

• Tuesday, May 17, 2016 is Election Day

Don’t see a conservative, Republican or non-partisan voter’s guide here that you know about? Please contact [email protected] and we’ll get it added!

  • Bob Clark

    I am grateful for the Executive Club landing the gubernatorial debate between Allen Alley and Bud Pierce last night. What a coup, and it was excellent.

    I though Pierce did a good job of holding court; but I think Alley exudes the kind of energy and messaging which has greater chance of eventually winning the Governor’s office. He can at a minimum build his brand this time around for future election efforts. Building a brand takes time but eventually has yielded such greatness as Ronald Reagan. Probably the first or second greatest U.S. Presidents of the last century with only FDR by some accounts just as grand if not greater.

    • Dun Oregon’s PERS’ likewise

      Never forget FDR’s warning US of countenancing public employee right’s for collective barganing – and later, Ronald Reagan firing arrogantly conspired Air Traffic Controllers for their attempting unmitigated dip sticking into common sense taxpayer purses.

  • mumzie

    If you are one of the thousands of Oregonians who changed parties after mid-April but before the deadline, you will likely receive two ballots. Please make sure you vote the SECOND one, and use the envelope that was in the packet with the correct ballot. That will make our county clerk and elections offices jobs much, much easier! Thanks.

    Also – if you didn’t get a correct ballot, please contact your county election officials: