Oregon Catalyst – 2012 Voting Resource Guide

Voting Information

Oregon Sec of State – ballot dropoff locations

Oregon Sec of State – track your ballot

Latest ballot return stats (as of 11/5/2012): Dem – 64.6%, Rep – 67.1%  (TOT – 60.4%)

Statewide Votes So Far Through 11/5

Dem – 564,170
Rep  – 459,056
TOT – 1,330,651

Estimated final ballot return/voter turnout for Oregon – Nov 2012: 80%


Voter Guides

2012 Oregon Ballot Measures – Summary of Recommendations

Oregon GOP recommendations on state ballot measures

Rep. Dennis Richardson’s 2012 Oregon Ballot Measure Analysis

Oregon Family Council – Ballot Measures Voter’s Guide

Taxpayers Association of Oregon’s 2012 General Election Voters Guide 

Oregon Right To Life PAC 2012 Voter Guide

To sign up for a Christian Voter’s Guide (Oregon Family Council)

NRA grades & endorsements

2012 Oregon Farm Bureau Voter’s Guide

Oregonians for Food and Shelter Online Voter’s Guide


Oregon Sec of State – Online Voters’ Guide

Oregon Sec of State – Audio Voters’ Guide

Oregonian Voter Guide

• Ballots will begin being mailed to voters Friday, October 19, 2012
• Tuesday, November 6, 2012 is Election Day

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