IP 28 hurts those it’s intended to help

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Even before the vote is in on ballot measure IP28, Kate Brown has pitched how she’d spend the money—all 6 billion.

Yep, she’s crafted her “Corporate Tax Implementation Plan” without an inkling of remorse over the impact the latest money grab would have on hardworking Oregonians. While IP28 is written as a “corporate tax,” the reality is it would hit working Oregonians to the tune of roughly $1,500 per household, based on the estimated impact of $600 per Oregonian and the size of the average household in Oregon of 2.50 individuals.

That’s more money for big government and less for individual and community innovation.

Bud Pierce believes you can’t tax your way to excellence. Dr. Pierce explained, “IP28 will tax hardworking Oregonians hundreds of dollars each year. Government needs to spend more wisely, not tax us more!”

Bud’s position is based in part on a review of the law’s impact by Oregon’s Legislative Revenue Office. Their May analysis revealed, “The Impact of IP28 on consumer prices means the marginal impact of the tax on the distribution of the state and local tax burden would be regressive.” Meaning everyday Oregonians, not corporations, would bear the weight of the 6 billion dollar tax hike.

The report showed that people earning between $21,000 and $48,000 would feel the most impact under the law. In addition, they estimated the initiative would cost Oregon nearly 40,000 private sector jobs.

Sure it would move more money into big government, but current leaders lack vision and have failed to deliver in the past. Think “Cover Oregon” or the “Columbia River Crossing”. They are professionals at developing new tax plans, but lack smart spending plans needed to deliver the outcomes of excellence Oregon deserves.

Brown stated this week she is “building the boat before the tide rises.” The fact is she’s already spent years building an over-sized ark laden with holes. Another boat crafted by failing one-party rule will not float. It will sink and take Oregon with it.

It’s time for change. Pierce plans to accomplish the objectives Oregonian’s value including improved graduation rates, health care, and senior services by smart spending of existing dollars. While it may be appealing to “make the corporations pay,” we need to look in the mirror and realize we’d pay to the tune of $6 billion dollars.


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  • Dick Winningstad

    Hmmmm….. And I would have thought the extra money would have been used to cover the bloated PERS system costs. Seems our leaders do not know abourt taking care of existing problems before inventing new ones to solve.

    • thevillageidiot

      you seem to think that government will do anything right or even do the right thing. when has that ever happened? whenever businesses or the people are robbed the robber never spends money to help the victim. and we just stand by and elect more criminals to office.

      • Dick Winningstad

        No, I am generally skeptical about governemnt doing the right thing. And Gov. Brown’s plans illustrate government’s inability to do the right thing nicely. A terrible bill that will not be used to finance a terrible deal (PERS) that should really be changed.

  • HBguy

    I agree with Dr. Pierce about the impact of IP28 on the working poor in Oregon. But that all begs the question of how exactly is Oregon going to pay for the $3 Billion shortfall in the next biennium? Will you cut schools, Human services? Public Safety? Because those are the three big budgets. Or will you raise revenue in a different way?
    You can’t wave a wand and cut PERS or public employee wages. That would be illegal, the unions would file suit, and the State would lose.
    You may be able to cut some positions, but would those be teacher? Police? Prison guards? Juvenile counselors? And how many would you have to cut to make up $3 billion? Is that even possible without decimating our necessary state services?
    I really hope the GOP can come up with a reasonable achievable plan for covering the PERS costs, Medicare expansion, cadillac tax, as well as increasing school budgets, without a tax increase.
    But right now, picking between Oregon Democrats and IP28 on the one hand, and Oregon Republicans with no realistic plan at all feels like being forced to choose between a narcissistic hotheaded racist, and an untrustworthy, entitled demagogue for President.

    • Dick Winningstad

      How about declaring PERS insolvent and restructuring it to a more reasonable deal for all.

      • Conservatively Speaking

        Write on and be sure to kill the COLA still denied private sector grants.

  • thevillageidiot

    Bud, Does this mean you would cut taxes since you : believes you can’t tax your way to excellence.” then by correlation prosperity will be gained by reducing taxes. I don’t know how many times I have heard that line. I have only seen a part of it once when Reagan lowered the income tax rate. but he raised a whole bunch of other taxes. resulting in a net loss to hard working Americans. I do not get any confidence from your ads that you will not do anything other that raise taxes. and Dr. in front of your name doesn’t do it for me either as we just got rid of one,

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