Does Brad Avakian know he’s NOT supposed to be making laws?

Brad Avakian BOLI_thb

by NW Spotlight

Brad Avakian recently chose Father’s Day to speak up for “abortion rights.” He wrote “I am a father, a husband, a legislator — and I am a man for choice.”

In addition to the inherent problem with standing up for abortion on Father’s Day, there’s the small matter of Avakian still thinking he’s a legislator. That may explain some things.

Avakian is currently the Oregon Labor Commissioner – a position he’s held for the past eight years. He was a legislator prior to that – but that was more than eight years ago!

If Avakian still thinks he’s a legislator, that may explain why he still thinks he supposed to be creating laws. He has a history of not understanding the separation of powers in the Oregon Constitution.

In his current campaign for Oregon Secretary of State, Avakian’s struggle with understanding the separation of powers, and even the limit of powers, has continued. He has stated he wants to redefine the secretary of state job – which prompted former Gov. Barbara Roberts (D) to say “I can’t remember recently hearing a recognized candidate with statewide experience who would be quite so loose or casual in their definition of the boundaries of the office they are seeking.”

Avakian’s obtuse and blind expansionist ambitions prompted the Oregonian Editorial Board to write “Voters would be understandably confused if they thought Brad Avakian was running not for secretary of state, but rather for governor, attorney general or perhaps a new post of progressive superhero,” and to note “the problem is that Avakian has already shown he is willing to misuse his power in order to further causes that he believes in.”

Avakian’s naked overreach and extreme partisanship in executing his office are the last things Oregon needs.

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  • Smokey the Bare

    Cakewalk Avakian over the the unemployment office and hand him the keys to another city outside Oregon. Say Willacoochie, GA, perhaps.

    • Affair Warning

      Avakian, Brown, etc: Jayne Cease and desist the DEMbauchery fore-flushing Oregon.

      Rx, Stomp their nonsense out now – or bi follly, the smell will increase exponentially until Planet Uranus arrives as a close-pin ambassador hanging out with more bedevilment than DEMee Wasserman Schultz can connive. Omen!.

      . .

  • Bob Clark

    Bruce Starr had this guy beat for Labor Commissioner, but fellow hack Kate Brown then Secretary of State, pulled a fast one and got the election switched from May to November in the year Obama ran against Romney. It would be an extremely bad day if Avakian gets the Secretary of State office, as you probably can kiss the Citizen’s Initiative process goodbye effectively. The Independent party probably fares pretty badly too.

    • He’s really bad news

      Avakian, certainly one to un linchpin from.

  • Roundly Estates

    Herd him, herd him over to a left wing subplot, there to be merciful-fly applied a restfullest shot into the grounds heehaw coffee bean in,.

  • IhateLiberals

    Looks like someone needs to take him to court and sue him personally. That always gets the attention of these lefty vermin.

    • Firey Tales Income True

      Alas, his Eeyore-mess found in the same ‘confound’ as Barbara Roberts and Suzanne Bonamici…to wit PACtitioners in Terry Bean booth also bragging Tina Kotek in along the sway.

      • FTIT

        …PACtitioners intertwined in a Terry Bean kissing booth…

  • guest

    Avakian: For he’s a jolly good fellow to stuff into prison orange coveralls, that is.

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