Privacy Petition needs your help, deadline nears

petitionBy Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The Oregon Privacy Petition needs your help as they’re just a few thousand signatures short of qualifying for the November ballot with 9 days left!

Protecting your personal information has been a top priority of House Republican Leader Mike McLane and is a serious concern locally as Oregon has ranked as the 3rd worst state in the nation for identity theft.  Did you know the state gives out your private information to anyone who asks? Imagine, then, how easy it is for ID thieves to abuse this?.   The  Privacy Petition removes your date of birth, phone number and email from public view unless you give permission.  It also makes private when you have voted.

The Taxpayer Association of Oregon urges you to act now &  download a petition directly to your computer!

Please email, Facebook & Tweet this article to your friends so they can download & print a petition from their own home.

More details on the petition:
Your private information is found in the public state voter file. Your birthday is on record with the Election Office to prove you’re a citizen. Your phone number and email address are on the same file in case the Elections office needs to contact you. But you’ve never given them permission to disclose that private information to complete strangers and anyone who asks. Stop the open vault of personal data secrets for identity thieves!

Here is why government giving out too much information can attract ID thieves.

“The most dangerous piece of information you can give out is your birthdate … A birthdate, along with a name and hometown can be used in a formula to recreate your Social Security information.”
ABC News,
Feb, 23, 2011