Oregon House & Senate GOP on Revenue Forecast


Oregon House Republican Office
Oregon Senate Republican Office

Salem, OR – Rep. Mike McLane (R – Powell Butte), House Republican Leader issued the following statement related to yesterday’s revenue forecast:

“There are good signs, but Oregon’s economic recovery remains slow. It is clear we need additional steps to provide Oregon’s businesses with the certainty and confidence they need to grow. We also need to have an honest conversation on how to re-balance our resources within the budget and hold onto our reserves. The success of this February session depends on how we handle these priorities.”

Salem, OR – Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) issued the following statement in response to the March revenue forecast released yesterday:

This forecast shows that a smaller percentage of Oregonians have a job today than at any time in the last 30 years, indicating that our economy are not recovering as fast as we would like.

We are encouraged by improvement in the housing market which produces more local revenue for schools.

Clearly the legislature should continue to pursue job creation strategies and incentives to create more opportunity for Oregon families.  The legislature should budget prudently, resisting the urge to spend and continue to build up the reserve fund which will help protect key services and build a buffer against future downturns.

  • Myke

    Local revenues from housing (property taxes) are a result of catch-up because of measure 5’s ability to hold down tax growth. If the legislature wants to help job growth, how about looking at the root cause of uncertainty and barriers to incentive, rather then throw money into other failure programs that only serve to fual the movement towards the haves and have nots.