Mark Meek’s inexcusable behavior on the campaign trail

Evon Tekorius

Evon Tekorius

Evon Tekorius for State Representative

(Oregon City, OR) This week in the race for House District 40 Mark Meek was caught in yet another campaign scandal by fabricating a false questionnaire answer from Evon Tekorius. This new situation comes on the heels of Meek’s staffer being charged for illegally taping Evon.

Evon’s official statement:

I want to thank the Oregon City Chamber of Commerce for hosting an informative candidate forum last night. The event had a great turnout and was a perfect opportunity for neighbors and small businesses to learn the differences between my opponent and myself on major issues such as taxes.

As a community leader and mother, I am deeply troubled and concerned about something my opponent, Mark Meek said and cannot go silent. Mark Meek falsely accused me of being discriminatory against the LGBTQ community on a survey. I was totally taken aback, had no idea what he was talking about and he then produced a piece of paper stating it as fact. When I looked at the paper it said “OR Family Council – supports exemptions for purpose of faith and conscience.” It was NOT a copy of a questionnaire that I filled out. Nor was it my answer to a questionnaire.

So twice now Mark Meek has stooped to unethical tactics in this campaign. Aren’t we tired of politics as usual in this state? These are exactly the kind of tactics and corruption that we, as Oregonians are sick to death of and why we need a change.

As a mom, I do my best to teach my kids to always speak the truth. Even if it’s uncomfortable. In the end, I can go to bed at night knowing that I have been honest and transparent and sleep well because of it. Can my opponent say the same?