Exec-Club Speakers: GOP Chair & Anti-97 Coordinator

currier-billtweed-rebeccaSpeaker #1: Bill Currier, Chair Oregon Republican Party
Speaker #2: Rebecca Tweed, Defeat The Tax On Oregon Sales
Executive Club Meeting
Executive Club Speaker Series
7:00 pm • Wed.  • Portland Airport Shilo Inn

Our FIRST speaker this month, Rebecca Tweed, leads the fight against this fire-breathing beast, with a war chest commensurate with the stakes for Oregon’s economy,(Click here for Oregonian article on the campaign costs) and the backing of every major newspaper in the state. (Click here for newspaper endorsements) Rebecca Tweed is the Campaign Coordinator for Defeat The Tax On Oregon Sales, the official statewide coalition of Oregon consumers, taxpayers, small and large businesses, associations and organizations who have joined together to oppose Measure 97, the $6 billion tax on Oregon sales on 2016 state ballot.

Remember the July meeting? I told the story — absolutely true — of how my uncle told me that Great Truth — “businesses pay no taxes”
— proving my status as a complete idiot about economics in 30 seconds and changed my life. Remember how that led me to the conclusion:”All taxes tax the poor, because no matter who writes the check, the poor ultimately pay the price”? This horrible creation from the depths of liberalism is the perfect demonstration of that outcome, for it literally does exactly that — in the first cycle, taxing the poor immediately.

We MUST defeat this ill-conceived child of liberal union greed.

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But there’s more: our SECOND speaker brings an update on the Republican
candidates in Oregon and the strategy of the ORP to elect them.

Bill Currier

Bill is Chair of the Oregon Republican Party, and was a delegate at the RNC 2016 convention. In his other life he serves as the mayor of Adair Village, Oregon, and is the co-owner of TRACO Network Services and SYNERGY Technology Partners. He’ll have the perspective and the data for the races. Join us Wednesday night. It’ll be a doozie