2016 Election: It’s decision day!

by NW Spotlight

Today’s Real Clear Politics polling averages show Hillary with a 39 electoral vote lead over Trump. RCP has Hillary with 203 electoral votes and Trump with 164. The remaining 171 electoral votes are still toss ups.

270 electoral votes are needed to win.


RCP 11-8-2016

In Oregon, as of yesterday morning, 44.3% of the ballots turned in so far have been from Democrats, 32.2% from Republicans and 23.5% from small-i independents (small-i independents include NAV, Independent Party of Oregon, Libertarian, Pacific Green, etc.)

Republicans have not been overcoming the statewide Democratic voter registration advantage with voter turnout – both parties are at very close to 58% of their voters having turned in their ballots. Democrats enjoy a 10.6% statewide voter registration advantage.

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