Presidential race tightening

2016 Trump V Clinton

by NW Spotlight

A few short weeks ago, Real Clear Politics presidential polling averages showed Hillary with a +5.3 advantage over Trump in polling. A Real Clear Politics snapshot of the 2016 presidential election had Hillary with a +18.0 favorability rating, Hillary leading in betting odds 79.0 to Trump’s 21.0, and Hillary leading in the battleground states.

That +5.3 polling advantage has dropped to +3.3 for Hillary, the +18.0 favorability rating has fallen to +7.7 for Hillary, and Hillary’s lead in betting odds has gone from 79.0-to-21.0 to 76.0-to-24.0 over Trump. Hillary’s lead in the battleground states is shrinking.

Most significantly, a few weeks ago Real Clear Politics presidential poll averages showed Hillary with 272 electoral votes and Trump with 154. 270 electoral votes are needed to win. Today’s Real Clear Politics presidential poll averages show Hillary dropping to 229 electoral votes, and Trump still with 154. The remainder are toss ups.

2016 Presidential Race_RCP 8-21 9-6

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