GOP edging only one seat pick-up in Legislature

As of 10:30pm election night, it looks like that out of the many open seats in the Oregon House (one in the Senate) that only one seat is trending Republican by a hair.  That is Senate Seat #3 Deboer vs. Moro, where Deboer leads by 1%.   Numbers will change but it doesn’t look good for Republicans.
State Senate — open seat

Alan DeBoer (R) 50%
Tonia Moro (D) 49%
State Representative — open seats

#14 — open seat
Julie Fahey (D) 51%
Kathy Lamberg (R) 48%

#22 — Open Seat
Teresa Alonso Leon (D) 52%
Patti Milne (R) 46%

#30 — Open seat
Janeen Sollman (D) 52%
Dan Mason (R) 39%

#40 — Open Seat
Mark Meek (D) 52%
Evon Tekoius (R) 42%

#51 — Open Seat
Janelle Bynum (D) 51%
Lori Chavez-Deremer (R) 47%

Source: State Elections