Who will Trump pick for VP?

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by NW Spotlight

The Hill is reporting today “It’s decision time for Donald Trump and for the potential vice presidential candidates considering whether to hitch their political futures to his renegade campaign.”

The Hill goes on to note that Trump “has said he plans to announce his running mate at the GOP convention in Cleveland later this month. It would be the first time in nearly 20 years that a vice president was unveiled in the middle of a convention,” giving Trump “at most about two weeks to wrap-up the vetting process, secure his candidate, and become comfortable with a running mate.”

Names that come up in the speculation around Trump’s VP pick include “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich,” as well as “retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, or Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn,” “Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence or Ohio Gov. John Kasich,” or “wildcard picks” “like former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, or perhaps an Army general with lower name recognition.”

CNN is reporting that recent Trump tweets are fueling speculation about Joni Ernst, Mike Pence or Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton as VP picks.

The Hill notes that whoever Trump picks as VP “is about to have his or her life upended by the most volatile presidential election in modern times.”

  • Draft Biden Sanders Teats

    Ben Carson could and would trump the Clinton/Warren canard so precariously prevalent on a stupor stage.

  • Only sane option

    Voting Johnson/Weld

  • Federal Drawer of Cessation

    Speak of restoring what’s right, Newt Gingrich would be a great VP and Ben Carson a welcome member of a Trump cabinet team.

    As for the DNC, another four years of Neville Chamberlain diplomacy and US sovereignty fair prey for New World Order T Rex.

    At this point what does it matter? Howl about witnessing HRC as Commander in Chief, nasally driveling out executive orders and signing congressional bills 24/7!

    OMG, where in hell are we going and when we get there, who and/or what will clean up after US?

    Suffice to say, Management Team Debbie Wasserman-Schultz will bench that scenario until the theological place of eternal punishment freezes over. .

    • MrBill

      There’s a place in the Good Book that says, “Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.”

      As much as I dislike the Donald, that’s one thing that could help persuade me and many others to vote for him. He should name not only who his VP will be, but name cabinet positions and judicial appointments as well. To that end, Ben Carson would be a great Surgeon General.

      In the end, we may still have a crazy person at the top, but at least he’ll be getting good advice. Who knows? Maybe he’ll even follow some of it. And I think a crazy person with good advisers trumps (no pun intended) a crook and a bunch of her cronies.

    • Hola on thar

      Scratch pro amnesty Gingrich!

  • Eric Blair

    Knowing Trump, he’ll pick himself.

    • Grisly obscene him 2 often

      Back to licking your loins again, Mr Blair skin smug?