Huffington Post: Monica Wehby has “changed” her Obamacare views


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Monica Wehby, Oregon GOP Senate Candidate, Shifts Message On Obamacare Repeal

The Huffington Post published an article last Thursday questioning Monica Wehby’s position on Obamacare and the claims she makes in her new TV ad. After several months of contradicting statements and policy shifts, the article says it is uncertain where she stands on the issue,

“She’s struck a milder tone on issues such as abortion, immigration, and gay marriage, mindful of voters who have not elected a Republican to statewide office since 2002. But as the GOP moves to frame this year’s midterm elections around Obamacare, it’s not entirely clear where Wehby stands on the health care law.” – The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post also comments on Monica Wehby’s inconsistent and often contradictory statements on Obamacare. They wrote that Monica Wehby’s “views on Obamacare appear to have changed from a couple months ago.” They compared her support to repeal Obamacare in her recent TV ad to the position she took in an interview with the Portland Business Journal,

“Her views on Obamacare appear to have changed from a couple of months ago. During an interview with the Portland Business Journal in November, Wehby was specifically asked if she would repeal Obamacare if elected.

‘That’s not politically viable at this point,’ Wehby answered. ‘We can’t get it repealed with Obama in office. We have to focus on coming together with solutions.'” – Huffington Post

Her change on repealing Obamacare was not the only “shift” she seems to have made. The Huffington Post pointed out Monica Wehby’s support for the Wyden-Merkley health care plan, which includes IRS penalties for anyone who does not purchase government approved health care, new federal standards that would result in the cancellation of current health care plans, health care exchanges, and taxes on small businesses. Here is what the Huffington Post had to say,

“Wehby has also expressed support in the past for the Healthy Americans Act, legislation introduced years ago by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.). Wehby told The Oregonian in February that the bill, often referred to as “Wydencare,” was “a good plan.”

‘It was a market-based approach,’ Wehby said, adding that while she didn’t support every aspect of the plan, she and Wyden ‘think a lot alike in regards to health care.'”