Stuck in the Middle: Poll Shows Kate Brown Has Average Approval Rating Compared to Peers

Image from Morning Consult

Today, Morning Consult — a media and political research firm — updated their list of America’s Most & Least Popular Governors. In the polling conducted by Morning Consult, Governor Kate Brown is shown to have a positive approval rating of 58% and a disapproval rating of 31%. 11% didn’t know her or didn’t answer. The margin of error is +/- 2%.

These numbers give Kate Brown the ranking of 23rd out of 50th. Brown’s poll results are the median (or statistical middle) of the results for all governors. While any governor would certainly appreciate a spot in the top 10, it’s also possible governors in the bottom 10 will use this negative designation to motivated their biggest supporters to become more involved. Brown’s campaign is unlikely to promote her results in any fundraising or promotional material.