Oregon Straw Poll Measure 76: Lottery funds for parks, wildlife

Oregon Ballot Straw Poll Measure 76: LOttery funds for parks, wildlife
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon
— Result of August mail poll of Oregon taxpayer activists who were given ballot title and Yes-No statements.

Measure 76
Yes = 39% (179)
No = 61%, (270)
Total= 449

Amends Constitution: Continues lottery funding for parks, beaches, wildlife habitat, watershed protection beyond 2014; modifies funding process
Yes vote continues constitutional dedication of 15% of lottery proceeds for parks, beaches, wildlife habitat, and watershed protection beyond 2014. Modifies funding process, allocations.
No vote retains current constitutional provision dedicating 15% of lottery proceeds of parks, beaches, wildlife, and watershed protection through 2014. Continuation requires voter approval.