Three polls: DeFazio 6% from losing, Wyden gains, Senate D/R forecast

Polls Below
1. DeFazio vs. Robinson
2. Ron Wyden vs. Jim Huffman
3. Senate Democrat-Republican Seat Forecast

Wilson Research Strategies (GOP Poll)
Congress Poll
Peter DeFazio 48%
Art Robinson 42%

Rasmussen Reports
Oregon Senate Poll
Ron Wyden 52%
Jim Huffman 36%
Other 4%
undecided 8%

Real Clear Politics
Senate No Toss Up forecast
Democrat Seats 51
Republicans 49

Poll questions:

Why is Congressman DeFazio slipping? Has he been surprised and caught off guard by his opponent? Or has the national stirring help to awake the middle of Oregon? Has DeFazio ever had a strong challenger in the 20+ years he has been in office?

On the Wyden-Huffman Senate race, does this senate race reflect Wyden’s political skills or just boil down to Wyden’s incredible fundraising advantage?

Please give your comments on the DeFazio, Robinson, Wyden, Huffman congressional races.