Take Our Twitter Poll on Rumored GOP Governor Candidates for 2018

We’re curious who you would pick among the Republicans currently rumored to run for Governor in 2018. Take our Twitter poll and let your voice be heard. Here’s some brief information about the candidates.

Knute Buehler is the State Representative from Bend (House District 54).
Allen Alley is an Oregon Businessman and has been a candidate for State Treasurer and ran for Governor in the Republican primary (2010 & 2016).
Sam Carpenter is a businessman and has been a candidate for U.S. Senate in the Republican primary (2016).
Bill Post is the State Representative from House District 25 (Keizer, St. Paul, and Newberg).

Twitter limits us to four options so comment if you support a rumored candidate that is not on this list.

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  • Bob Clark

    Bill Post is my choice, but not being a big fan of Twitter I can’t vote it seems.
    Knute is going RINO to play to parts of the Progressive side.
    Poor, Alley can’t get out of the Primaries. What a fiasco the last year when Bud Pierce spends big to defeat Alley who came late to the election; and then Pierce closes his pocket book when running in the general election.
    Richardson was competitive against Kitzhaber in ’14 with a lot less money than Kitz; but Richardson needs to secure the Secretary of State Office in 2020. This isn’t going to be easy either. Richardson won against Advark the big bully last time (a flawed Dem candidate).

    • Ron Glynn

      Bill Post is my choice. I don’t twitter.

    • Reagan Knopp

      We’re considering a larger survey using a tool that doesn’t require a social media account. Would that interest you?

  • Gardenhomeboy

    Knute is fine. Not the best, but way, way, way better than the status quo or almost any D that could be put forward in the state.

    Allen is fine, but he hasn’t won before and what does he offer in terms of experience, ideas, or leadership that isn’t offered by another candidate.

    Bill Post is a nice guy and a fine rep. but is way too thin-skinned for the job. I also don’t see him being able to put forth a winning coalition nor do I think he has the experience necessary.

    Don’t know enough of Sam Carpenter to say.

  • oregongrown

    My vote would go to Knute Buehler. He has all the attributes of the best candidate. He’s whip smart, he has a a very good record serving Bend residents, he makes sense when he talks and has experience in both the private sector and the public sector and is also very knowledgeable about health care issues, since he is a doctor. He is very personable and is a refreshing contrast to Kate Brown with her canned soundbite way of speaking. He is the opposite of her in that respect.

    I think by 2018 anyone will be a better choice than Brown. Many of us see that she has not been up to the leadership role the highest office in Oregon demands. Knute Buehler would be an exceptional leader for Oregon. We need someone that doesn’t live in Portland for a completely different perspective that is severely lacking in Oregon leadership.

  • 很荣幸来到这里参观!

  • bifford

    Why isn’t Dennis Richardson included? Allen Alley, Sam Carpenter, and Bill Post are not viable candidates.

  • Kirk

    The biggest question to me is, who has the best chance to win. Putting a Republican in the Governors office in Oregon is a huge challenge. One person not on the list that should be is Lori Chavez-Deremer. She has done a great job for the people of Happy Valley as Mayor. Lori should be in the discussion. Someone with the ability to appeal to a larger group of voters of both parties.

  • Debbie

    We’d still love to see Bud Pierce or Dennis Richardson, as Our Next Governor!!!!

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