Lars Larson: What should the standard be to sign up to vote?

What should the standard be to sign up to register to vote in America? The fact is, that at the Federal level there is a standard—you have to show some kind of proof of who you are such as a driver’s license number that the state will check, or a social security number that will be double checked against a Federal database.

The problem is that in my neck of the woods they have gone to a much lower standard to let you vote in state elections. They’ll let just about anybody vote for governor, state lawmakers, and other important offices.

Even bringing a utility bill or showing a pay stub will work to a certain extent on the Federal level, but on the local level you don’t have to show any proof at all. Thousands and thousands of people are signed up to vote, showing no proof at all, no picture ID.

If you need to show picture ID to cash a check, to get on an airplane, to do any kind of serious transaction, shouldn’t you have to show at least that much to be able to vote in an American election.

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