Lars Larson: They are calling it the “mystery missile”

It’s pretty scary when you consider the implications of the mystery missile off California.

No one seems to know exactly what it is. That weird contrail and some kind of object apparently rocketing into space. Some of the experts are saying it’s just a commercial passenger jet. Well, if so, why is it that the folks who run NORTHCOM (North American Aerospace Defense Command) don’t know exactly what it is?

What could it be? I’ve talked to some of the experts. They say it could be a trial run by another country. It could be a Chinese Communist missile. It could be a North Korean missile. It could be a dry run to go after the United States with what is called “electromagnetic pulse”.

An electromagnetic pulse is the kind of weapon that doesn’t have to burn you up with radiation. It is capable of killing everything around you that runs on an integrated circuit.That would kill our society here in the United States.

Nobody knows what it is, but they say, “don’t worry, it will be just fine”.

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  • JR

    Exactly, Lars.
    10 years and hundreds of millions of dollars in enhancing security (I won’t go into the TSA controversy…off-topic), our military can’t/won’t come out within an hour and issue a statement categorically identifying the object and calming fears & eliminating the speculation. If the truth is that they ‘can’t’ calm fears about an unknown ‘plume’ in/near a designated military area populated by multiple tracking stations near one of our largest metropolitan areas: Pathetic. If it is that they ‘won’t’, then all bets are off; time is well past to restore our rights.

    This whole thing gives one a lot of confidence that our government is able respond in the event of another emergency (that’s called ‘sarcasm’ for you liberals out there).

  • Britt Storkson

    If our government cannot (or will not) control our borders – a very basic security issue – then how can we expect them to handle anything even marginally more complex?

  • Reper

    The mysterious trail of smoke was jobs out of California after the election results

  • Scatactpdx

    For year i felt you went off the deep end, but now we have definitive proof. Break out the tin foil hats, the voices of conservatism are nuts. Oh I long for the day of Buckley and Goldwater when we had conservatives that think.

  • Bob Clark


    Some of the photos don’t show the object you say visible in other photos. And in the photos I’ve seen it does look like the contrails of a jet. I think if it were a big missle it would’ve been shot from a submarine because otherwise the ship would have to have been of good size to serve as a launching pad, and if of large size, it would have not been able to flee the scene very quickly.

    But the whole event does ring the bell about being prepared if possible for a quick hit. Some of the preparedness is Mormon like, stocking up on large amounts of dry food, water, and other essentials. Also, talking to neighbors about this issue so as to develop some lines of assistance. There’s also survival skills like guns and what not. Also, in some outcomes maybe it’s better to consider suicide pills. These defensive mechanisms are a two edge sword, though, as they can result otherwise than intended.

  • Mark Reuter

    I believe, after studying it carefully, that it was an exploding battery pack from a Leaf. This is the exact pattern that is to be expected from such a disaster.

  • Just say d’oh!

    Contrail to orificial dominion, what took place was, indeed, a rocket launch and any crock roach who says otherwise is as full of **it as CabalObma.

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