Lars Larson: They are calling it the “mystery missile”

It’s pretty scary when you consider the implications of the mystery missile off California.

No one seems to know exactly what it is. That weird contrail and some kind of object apparently rocketing into space. Some of the experts are saying it’s just a commercial passenger jet. Well, if so, why is it that the folks who run NORTHCOM (North American Aerospace Defense Command) don’t know exactly what it is?

What could it be? I’ve talked to some of the experts. They say it could be a trial run by another country. It could be a Chinese Communist missile. It could be a North Korean missile. It could be a dry run to go after the United States with what is called “electromagnetic pulse”.

An electromagnetic pulse is the kind of weapon that doesn’t have to burn you up with radiation. It is capable of killing everything around you that runs on an integrated circuit.That would kill our society here in the United States.

Nobody knows what it is, but they say, “don’t worry, it will be just fine”.

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