Not forgetting the three who died in Charlottesville

By Jason Williams,

The Charlottesville death of Heather Heyer represents a threat to our right to protest from violence, and the troopers (H.Jay Cullen, Berke M.M. Bates) represent our rights to be protected from political harassment and violence.    Trump and Fox News chose to focus on other things this week, but I did not want to miss the moment to honor the Men in Blue and stand by Freedom of Speech in the Charlottesville tragedy anniversary week.  It matters to me because in Oregon we never know if our rights today will be the same tomorrow.   Of all the important ramifications and debate of Charlotesville the fact remains that these three lost their lives.   I hope my clumsy artwork honors them.

— Jason Williams is the founder and Executive Director of the Taxpayer Association of Oregon

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  • redbean

    “Trump and Fox News chose to focus on other things this week” – please explain what this means.

  • Oregon Engineer

    Totally unnecessary deaths mostly due to the decisions made by the city of Charlottesville. So who cares what Fox news reports as it is the same as ABC, NBC,CBS, CNN aka mainstream media.

  • Bob Clark

    Boy, Trump’s presidency has been kind of a dumpster fire. And a lot of it is the “Swamp” fighting back with ruthlessness and void of any standards as usual. Before Trump, I didn’t watch the news like NBC or most of the others because it was mostly a mouthpiece for bigger and bigger bloated government. Now I am not watching the news because its a pig pile on the randomness and lack of direction the Trump Administration can engender in a totally hostile environment for scaling back the big bloated statist government.
    And then Trump makes a mistake, even he doesn’t recognize it, the president needs to stand against racism, even if so-called anti fascists and others are nothing but big government statists using it as a prop.
    Clearly, if you black and you have statutes of the confederacy put in prominent places, you are not exactly feeling like confederacy is not continuing on. The grain of truth Trump is not getting across though is we need to have a place to retain this part of U.S history.
    I am hoping Trump gets out on the campaign trail and primaries some of the GOP Senators who did not help reform health care; and are just a bunch of do nothing legislators. Trump needs some legislative victories to engender some momentum to start reforming the big bloated statist government. Otherwise, his game plan is to blame a do nothing congress. He could also unravel parts of ObamaCare himself by allowing states to have insurance companies offer up temporary insurance plans with no mandated coverages, but just tailored to the needs of the each individual. This is possible under some of the loopholes contained in ObamaCare.
    Ugh, but Trump’s election was the proverbial magician pulling a rabbit out of the hat. Crossing fingers.

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