Governor Brown Wants Oregonians to “Take One for the Global Team” over CO2

By John A. Charles, Jr.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has announced her intention to pass legislation in the short session of 2018 to place a regulatory limit on emissions of carbon dioxide by large industrial sources. Once a company exceeds the annual limit, it will have to purchase allowances for additional emissions.

Proponents estimate that the regulations will cost businesses $1.4 billion per biennium. These costs will be passed on to consumers.

Such regulations might be appropriate if there were known environmental or health benefits to reducing carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, such a clear link does not exist. Not only are benefits speculative, but they are global in nature and very long term—possibly centuries in the future.

The costs, however, are very clear. They will be known, immediate, and local. Prices of cement, steel, and millions of consumer products will have to go up.

In essence, the Governor is asking Oregonians to “take one for the global team” in the hope that somebody, somewhere will benefit in the misty future.

This is not likely to be embraced by voters who already feel immense strain from the high cost of housing, health insurance, and public employee pensions.

State legislators have many problems to worry about. Regulating CO2 should not be one of them.

John A. Charles, Jr. is President and CEO of Cascade Policy Institute, Oregon’s free market public policy research organization.

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  • Dave Lister

    Holey Moley! The guv wants us to take one to eliminate CO2 while she fiddles in Salem while the forests burn. How’s that for a carbon footprint? From babies in utero to trees in the forest Kate Brown, like the village crone with a twig, wants to kill everything that lives.

    • Granola girl

      TRUTH!!! She is out of touch with reality!!

  • Bob Clark

    Geez, we already wasted a billion dollars in public monies handing it out to bankrupt ethanol plants, solar manufacturing, and unaccounted for uses by the Oregon Department of Energy. Then we focus on a perceived global problem with suspect international cooperation at best (yeah we can trust China and Russia, for example, to start cutting their emissions in the year 2030 or so…wink, wink), even as we breath smoke filled air because the government can’t even manage its own assets (and this pollution has immediate health effects versus CO2).
    Then too, many states will take advantage of states who raise the cost of doing business as with this CO2 cap, luring businesses to locate in there states with less costly regulation. Creates a competitive disadvantaged. A self inflicted wound which risks becoming un-affordable if Intel, Nike and the federal transfer payments flowing favorably to the state’s economy flatten.
    Maybe the way out of this is to make the caps so high and or with such loopholes, they don’t exact significant cost on industry; while the touting of a cap, gives the green nutcase state branding scheme, political cover.

  • 能让人来访的乐此不疲,这里就是有那么大的魅力!

  • Iti Tvnvp

    She is absolutely proving, without a doubt, she is the worst Governor possible. She must sit in her office, fingers in her ears, just fantasizing about what she thinks Oregonians need; which is the absolute opposite of what we actually need: her to resign right after she roles back all the asinine laws she just signed. Where is Oregon’s ‘Trump’ candidate? That is to say any candidate that will trump any career politician trying to get re-elected.

  • Katherin Kirkpatrick

    She just sat on the supertanker and let rampant forest fires release more CO2 and carbon monoxide in a couple of weeks than the entire state would have released in a year from traffic or industry. And now she wants to be a global paragon of emissions discretion?

  • Marvin Parker

    Once again we see Brown and the Socialist Democrats implementing the same legislation that drove business out of California and raised the cost of living to the poor and middle class. She is growing the Government and increasing revenue with higher taxes and now the carbon credit Ponzi scheme that will only benefit her political allies.

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