Exec-Club: Currier GOP Chair, Ludwick OFIR & McIntire Tribute

Oregon Executive Club Speaker Series

Wed. Oct 4 at 7:00pm
Portland Airport Shilo Inn,
11707 NE Airport Way
–Event is free, $20 dinner option offered at event

We are staring the evening with tributes to the late Don McInitre, co-founder of The Taxpayer Association of Oregon, 30 year overseer of the Executive Club and author of the landmark Measure 5 (1990) which cut property taxes and helped launch Oregon’s tax revolt.    This month is the 5th year anniversary of his passing.    In addition to the tribute we will also be having topical speakers; State GOP Chair Bill Currier to share an update on Congress and Jim Ludwick of Oregonians for Immigration Reform will be sharing the latest on Sanctuary Cities and DACA.


  • Bob Clark

    I would like to ask Currier if the Oregon GOP leadership would write the White House and the Transportation Secretary about discontinuing federal matching for Metro and TriMet’s light rail system. The latter are trying to keep the SW Corridor public works (train) project alive even as light rail ridership is flat to declining (defying the myth that more light rail would help relieve traffic congestion). Metro and TriMet want Metro area homeowners to kick in a median amount of $150 per year to show the feds so it can get matching funds from the FEDs for building the grandiose SW Corridor project. We want our federal dollars for more road, not another bail out of TriMet via another leg for MAX trains to run nearly empty most hours of the day.