Democrats Introduce the “Manufacturing Phase Out Act of 2018”

By Oregon Senate Republicans

SALEM, OR – Today, Senator Michael Dembrow (D-Portland) and Representative Ken Helm (D-Beaverton) introduced their pursuit of new regulations on carbon dioxide emissions. The legislation establishes a price per ton fee on emissions for the largest greenhouse gas emitters in the state, and claims to reinvest the proceeds into job opportunities for economically distressed communities in Oregon.

“The accurate name for this legislation should be the “Manufacturing Phase Out Act of 2018,” said Senator Alan Olsen (R-Canby). “The manufacturing industry provides thousands of jobs for Oregonians, and in one move this legislation will devastate that industry, and leave countless Oregonians jobless, especially in distressed communities.”

“What we do know, is that if this legislation passes, we will see increased living expenses for all Oregonians, “said Senator Herman Baertschiger, Jr. (R-Grants Pass). “What we don’t know is how effective these new regulations will be, and how much bureaucracy it will create. We already have the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, the Clean Air Act, and countless other regulations to keep Oregon’s air clean. Why does the majority party want to make life harder for Oregonians

without knowing how effective this legislation will prove to be?”

“These legislative concepts enlist climate change as the justification for a new statewide tax disguised as a mandate,” said Senator Cliff Bentz (R- Ontario). “In addition, there is an improper delegation of almost unlimited authority to non-elected and understaffed bureaucrats to set and impose this tax.”

The bills, currently labeled as Legislative Concepts 44 (Senate version) and 176 (House version) were both presented to the Senate Interim Committee on Environment and Natural Resources. Information about the concepts is available here.