Measure 101 is a tax – don’t be fooled.

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

Here is what Ballot Measure 101 says…

“Approves temporary assessments to fund health care…”

Measure 101 “assessments” are actually a 1.5% sales tax on Oregonian’s healthcare and a .07% tax on hospitals, totaling $330 million.   Measure 101 is a tax and taxpayers and voters should not be fooled.  People need to share with their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers that Measure 101 is a colossal tax plain and simple. Taxing health care will not make it more affordable, instead it will make it less affordable.

Here is what others had to say…

“Oregonians should stand against the inequity of this tax”
Oregonian Editorial Board 12/16/17

“The bill increases hospital taxes at a time when they can ill afford to pay more.”
Bend Bulletin Editorial 11,18,17

Many of Oregon’s largest businesses and government unions are exempt from this tax, while small business will be paying thousands more in new health care taxes.  That is simply unfair.

This is why the Taxpayer Association of Oregon, Cascade Policy Institute, The Oregonian Editorial Board, Bend Bulletin Editorial Board urge a No vote on the Measure 101 health care tax.

You can read more about this terrible, costly and unfair Measure 101 tax at Stop Health Care

The election deadline is Tuesday, January 23rd.  Please turn in your ballots.