Election Day in Oregon — Don’t Forget to Vote

By Dennis Richardson

Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 23rd, is Election Day. The voters of Oregon will decide on Measure 101. If you have not already returned your ballot, please go to your nearest ballot drop box location no later than 8:00pm on Tuesday. It is too late to mail your ballot.

For the first time, my office will live-stream the election results on Facebook. Nearly 70% of Americans use one or more social media platforms to connect with friends and stay up-to-date on current events, and most individuals use Facebook on a daily basis. I want to reach people where they are at and make it as easy as possible for Oregonians to participate in their government.

Eighty-six percent of adults on Facebook are under the age of 30—a demographic that historically has lower turnout. We need new and novel ways to engage these voters and reaffirm that this is their government, too. Live-streaming election results is a step in that direction.

The Special Election live-stream will begin Tuesday evening at 7:45 on my official Secretary of State Facebook Page. I will be announcing the results shortly after 8:00pm. Full election results will be posted at results.oregonvotes.gov.

I want to reiterate the importance of voting in every election. Thank you in advance for fulfilling this important civic duty.

Dennis Richardson is Oregon’s Secretary of State. In 2016, he became the first Republican to be elected to statewide office in Oregon in 14 years.