Oregon’s election process deserves vote of ‘no confidence’

Kim Thatcher_2014_thb

Sen. Kim Thatcher

Salem, Ore. – Senator Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) released the following statement following a press conference held by Governor Kate Brown and U.S. Senator Ron Wyden on their desire to expand vote-by-mail nationwide:

“Oregon’s election process should get a strong vote of ‘no confidence’ after being plagued by issues this Primary election,” said Senator Thatcher.

“This isn’t about one political party. Our vote-by-mail system is strangled with problems like 20,000 duplicate ballots in two counties, voters getting their party registration changed unknowingly, or voters receiving multiple ballots and told to simply ‘use the second one.’ While we haven’t seen election fraud yet, our Secretary of State needs to do more to reassure voters – beyond spouting a Haiku poem – that their ballots are being processed accurately.

Oregonians deserve fair and secure elections with safeguards in place to protect the integrity of our voting system. The entire nation should not be pushed to adopt Oregon’s plagued vote-by-mail system, when clearly this should be a decision made by individual states.”

Kim Thatcher is the Republican state senator for District 13 (Keizer, Newberg, St. Paul, Sherwood, Wilsonville, King City, and parts of Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard and Tualatin)

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  • thevillageidiot

    But our motor voter process for registration is so safe and prevents fraud. So says the Secretary of State

  • Granola girl

    AMEN!! When my son was attending OSU he received a ballot there, and one at home. It’s a total joke!

  • guess who

    And still no way to verify the count is correct.

  • Whoa Begolnnit Toem

    Since 1987, has not the Dem ‘politburo’ of Oregon gone on (unchecked) to woefully swindle nearly all private sector compliant dutiful taxpayers?

    Hello, witness the issuance of rube-maid checks exacerbating fiscal crisis port-ward to lemmings who art quintessentially chanting for supple-mental enlisted employee PERS increases and or collectivizing boo coo bennies for the left wing collective chowder hounds paying/baying lick-spittle more or nothing into the estate treasury ,to wit butts all the the sasay drinking COLA’s infused with carte blanche checks to govetnemtium banks…unavailable to private sector customs regards attending the same and sane ,

  • DavidAppell

    Links supporting your claims would help to take you seriously.

    • HBguy

      The SoS press releases confirm much of this.
      But here’s one example. Every Independent Party voter in Grant County received the Democratic Primary ballot. The mistake was discovered, then it was corrected a few days later a second Independent Party ballot was sent out. Grant County failed to contact the Indy Party officials about this, so they could have contacted their member or at least answered questions when members contact them to ask what was going on. We don’t yet know if Grant Co. notified the SoS office of the glitch. The SoS office didn’t try to notify voters or the IPO either.
      Here is link for you.

      • DavidAppell

        SoS? Who is that?
        Which press releases prove this? Links?

        • HBguy

          SoS = Secretary of State
          Press release from Oregon SOS
          As well as the link I already provided

          • DavidAppell

            This link doesn’t prove ANY of your claims. None.

            Who are you trying to fool???

          • HBguy

            Are you joking? The SOS website link gives instructions to people who receive two ballots. Clearly indicating many Oregonians received two ballots.
            The link to the Grant County news site is an announcement by the Grant Co. Election officer (Ms. Percy) that they sent the wrong ballot to all IPO voters in Grant Co. and these voters would soon be getting a second ballot in the mail.
            There are significant problems with vote by mail. Not the least of which isn’t even mentioned here, which is the problems it creates when a major party opens their primary. (Neither D’s nor R’s want to make it easier for the IPO to run an open primary so all NAV’s can vote)
            These can be fixed with legislation. Not sure why the Democrats don’t do that. Well, I have a guess, but I’m not “sure”

          • DavidAppell

            “Clearly indicating many Oregonians received two ballots.”


            Provide the number of Oregonians who received two ballots. Explain your reasoning and cite your sources.

          • HBguy

            You don’t have to believe verifiable news sources or the Secretary of State’s own press releases and advisories if you don’t want to.
            And since you chose not to believe it, in spite of the Grant County election officers own admission of error and the SoS’s explanation of why many overs “may” get two ballots, I doubt there’s any argument I can make to change your mind in spite of all the facts.
            This debate with you on this thread reminds me of debates you have here with climate change deniers. In this case however….you are the denier.

          • DavidAppell

            An admission of error is about an *error*, not a sytematic cheating of the voting system.

            Do you think errors don’t occur in places where they vote in polling places and not by mail?

          • HBguy

            Sen. Thatcher didn’t claim there was fraud. Her claim was that with all the mixups there was the potential for fraud. There are a lot of mixups here. There are multiple ballots going out to voters. There are voters receiving the wrong ballot all together.
            She is correct when she says there are mixups. But the Democrats are so protective of vote by mail and motor voter that they can’t abide by any critique or admit that the program needs some tweaking.
            That is a sign of weakness or, more likley IMO, they know that if there were a bill to fix some of these shortcomings, that bill could be amended by the GOP to add some things in there that the Dem’s really don’t want. So they live with the shortfalls of the system for political reasons.

          • thevillageidiot

            DA does not read links.

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